Pro-Life Has Failed

One of the first challenges I faced when coming out as a New Age Republican was explaining my idea of being “Pro-Life.” It was necessary, then, to lay out for the public what it means to be truly pro-life. By virtue of returning to the real pro-life…

FREE CCW Course Sponsored by Jeff Pastor

As a New Age Republican and because I know my history, I will not move one inch on gun rights.

On Saturday, September 21st, I sponsored a free CCW training led by NRA and USCCA instructors that more than 150 people completed. The majority of participants were African American women…

New Age Republican Power Pose

Shocking to most, I have identified as a Republican since I was 16 years old. Some black people then and now consider me and other black Republicans to be pariahs, a kind of iconoclast that is in search of a deep truth found in traveling the path less traveled. That…

Jeffery Pastor

Human, Husband, and Father.

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