Safety Tips for Hiking in Sedona

A Marine Corps veteran and former writer for, Jeff Schwilk enjoys vacationing in Sedona, Arizona. Jeff Schwilk particularly likes to hike in the mountains during his stay.

When hiking in Sedona, consider the following tips to keep you safe.

-Use a walking stick. Hiking creates stress on the knees and joints. A walking stick keeps you balanced and stable and transfers some weight to your arms, thus reducing pressure on other areas. Use the stick on rough and slippery grounds. Be mindful of where you place the stick to avoid dangers, like rattlesnakes.

-Stay fueled. Focus on bringing portable foods that have a long shelf life. Nutrient-dense nonperishable foods include dried fruits and vegetables, jerky, granola bars, and trail mix. For heartier meals, pack bread or whole grain tortillas and ready-made tuna salad pouches for quick assembly. Make sure to carry several bottles of water or a pack that holds enough water to sustain your hike. A good rule is to drink four cups of water before a hike and two cups every hour to stay hydrated.

-Wear proper gear. Protect yourself from desert weather that can be hot mid-day and cold early in the morning and at night. Use layers that give you the option of removing clothing to keep cool or adding more to stay warm. To safeguard yourself from the sun, opt for long sleeves and a broad-brim hat, and wear sunscreen and sunglasses. In terms of footwear, invest in hiking shoes that have slip-free soles.

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