a material mission to replenish the world through one golden thread

look good | wear impact | feel golden

Dear golden one —

In a world where the digital age creates a unprecedented “aloneliness”, our mission is create more connection and love — beginning within. We design cozy clothing to remind: “You are always golden inside.”

One Golden Thread is a sensuous-living company on a mission to consciously clothe the world golden, proceeds nurturing our most precious resource — nature.

We are a no compromise clothing company — super stylish clothing with a slow-fashion conscious sourcing and pay-forward-model to do our part to flip the disastrous fashion industry into net positive impact on our planet. Our luxe materials are from nature (Regenerative Trees and Supima, the world’s most durable softest cotton), that ultimately will return to earth versus clogging it in landfills. And, every purchase plants a tree, which is the most important thing we can do for our climate crisis.

We are grounded in our principles of the magical number 108. It threads through the universe and for us it breaks down is as follows:

Self — the self we are speaking to us you. We invite you to clothe and wrap yourself in your worthiness. Wear your golden vibe. This is the 1 in 108. It begins with you.

Unity — We are all about a unity of community which we define as the collective. We offer reimagined timeless designs as a canvas for co-creation in branded partnerships with influencing artists and “pro-activists”, conscious brands, iconic bands, to become their community’s “communi-tee”, an imprinted personalized inspired message inside. This is coming together in circle, the O in 108.

Planet — We stand for an infinite loop of (re)generation.

  • innovation through nature, sourcing the highest quality soft & durable fibers that will ultimately return to earth versus pollute it (fashion is soon to be the most pollutable industry in the world — usurping oil);
  • nurturing our own inner-nature by wearing breathable | durable | super-soft stylish nature on our backs to remind we’re always golden — particularly when life grinds;
  • replenishing nature through a biodiversity reforestation program of every purchase plants a tree. And this is the world in infinite love, the 8 in 108.

We envision a world united over divided, we-go versus ego, as we invite every one (by one) to be connected by this living breathing golden thread…

So why clothing?

I’ve grown to appreciate style, yet I couldn’t find men’s clothing that was the nexus of style + intention + net positive for both humans and planet. So I designed what is for me, the perfect tee. That’s also unisexy. And it lights me up with pride to see that others seem to agree. Click below to see if you see what we see.

So why nature sourced materials?

Because we are treating our planet like a dump.

Spend three minutes here to understand why go to all the trouble to design articles of clothing that will ultimately return to earth versus clogging our landfills. Instead of seeing this as a buzzkill story, realize that you are part of the solution — wearing the change you wish to see in the world.

So why trees as our first give forward?

Here’s the 3 word mic drop.

The feedback we are receiving keeps us galvanized on our shared mission, from the likes Benjamin who called OGT “my wizard armor”, and Joel E. from Hanah One who after doing a co-lab with OGT, called this “my brand’s celebration uniform.”

It’s an honor to share our collective calling with you. If this calling speaks to your living ethos, wear the impact you wish to see in the world, and together, we spread the thread.

So an invitation….

Calling up heart-centered artists and influencers, bands, brands, communities and causes — together, we are the rising tide that lifts all ships, and together, we’ve got this. A more sustainable world begins within — you. We’d love to hear from you — love@onegoldenthread.com.

Goldenly —

jeffrey scult | Founder & Catalyst, OGT

All golden things begin within — here’s my story of how one golden thread was borne from both accident and necessity.

One Golden Thread is a registered public benefit company.