Weird is those on the fringe, unable to cope, unwelcome.

That was my story since Recess, and seemingly some version of most everybody else’s, more entrenched it became as the years creased.

Here’s what Webster had to say today, and has probably consistently since 1900000.

How could we have been so wrong all along? It was right in front of our library noses. Who goes to the library anymore? Let’s break it down…

“Something acting supernatural.”

So supernatural, that they are acting “beyond the laws of nature to a mystical state.” I’d call that their most badass golden self.

“A person’s destiny.”

Our living legacy. Legacies needn’t wait until you die. Our legacy is how we are living our destiny, the integrity of how we come alive and thrive.

My advice to self:

  1. Remember the permission of the pivot, as that allows our intuition to guide. Your thoughts are not your life. You will never stare down, or feel shame again, for being weird.
  2. So, follow and repeat: