Old Enough to Drink = Old Enough to Buy Health Insurance

One of the more popular features of the ACA (Obamacare) is the ability for parents to keep children on their health insurance plans until the age of 26. Twenty six.

It’s ridiculous. It always has been and even proponents of the law should want this element removed. The ACA works exactly as it was designed to. It is a cost shifting scheme. It doesn’t “lower” costs, it makes those paying in, pay more so those that had little or no coverage could have better coverage. At everyone else’s expense.

Anyway, if you believe that this is a good idea, you’d want as many people who are young, healthy, and low risk paying into the system on their own. Not covered under a family plan with diluted premiums and deductibles.

The ACA is not a good idea or a workable plan. Those that agree with me should also want young adults to pay and get their off their parent’s plans.

There are political and social benefits to this view as well. Mainly, if you’re out of college you’re an adult. It’s time to start behaving like one. That means paying your own way. I’m forty and when Obamacare passed seven years ago I remember at that time thinking 26 was WAY too old to be sponging off your parents. It still holds true.

Someone in their late twenties, just starting their family should not be subsidizing perfectly healthy, able bodied, individuals. Just no.

Politically, Republicans would be well served in the long term with millions of millennials — who largely vote for Democrats — suddenly forced to pay their own way or pay an onerous fine. Yes, many wouldn’t like it, but they’d be far more inclined to pay attention to laws that affect their everyday life down the road. That means more votes against laws like Obamacare.

Of course there will be push back. Ignore it. Fearlessly get rid of this unnecessary, draining feature with “repeal and replace” of the ACA. It’s time to grow up.

In addition to political analysis, Jeff Semon co-hosts The Lincoln Review podcast.