Episode 13: Brian Zahnd

Out of the early days of Christian music and coffee in the 1980’s, Brian Zahnd became the pastor of (what would become) a megachurch in St. Joseph, Missouri. Everything was going great…good marriage and a church that was big and still growing….a Pastor’s dream. But while everything seemed perfect, Brian began to feel a gnawing discontent of what might be missing from his pursuit of Jesus.

“Are we really any different than the rest of American culture…” was one of the many questions emerging and forcing him to come to grips with what felt like a faith that was a bit more shallow and trite that he would have previously admitted.

It was around this time (in 2004) when things started to change.

In today’s conversation with Brian, he walks us through his spiritual journey, including stories about Vice President Dick Cheney and the politicization of Christianity, leaving the Religious right, the way a developing faith affects relationships in your life, why he still calls himself religious, and even a chance to hear him share about his journey last year on the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

It’s a lovely conversation where we hear about (in Brian’s words): “Becoming fine with the idea of my faith being a tiny boat in an ocean of mystery.”