The Love Story of Political Parties and Their Inseparable Ideals
Lexie Ernst

Lexie, first of all, what a brilliant piece. Loved it.

Often, as we have seen historically with everything from the fall of empires to the collapse of economies, things must be completely destroyed before they can be rebuilt. This election cycle has revealed what appears to be the very first tangible indication, the first ‘crack’ in the dam, that the two party system is no longer a workable construct. Society, for the first time, seems to be rejecting the two party system. We saw Sanders, a legitimate outsider, actually almost become the Democratic nominee, something that never could have happened before, not even four years ago. He was so close that even the Democratic party itself had to meddle and tamper (allegedly, of course) with his campaign to prevent him from securing the nomination. On the other side, Trump demolished the Republican Party’s starting lineup, eviscerating a half-dozen of their best and brightest without breaking a sweat, another irrefutable indication that the ‘system’ no longer works. Now, both of these outsiders had to inhibit the traditional platforms, left and right, in order to even have a shot, but the silver lining with this horrifying election cycle is that it may very well be the last of the two party system as we know it. Sanders, and Trump (for better or worse) have now cracked the first visible hole in the antiquated rigidity of the political system and it will eventually become a larger and larger chasm until the whole thing ruptures. The key ingredients have likely been the collective loudness and empowering abilities of social media, widespread societal unrest and an underlying feeling of governmental distrust and oppression, and our younger liberal leaning millennial generation beginning to collectively surpass teenage indifference and start to actually give a shit. This will all continue to build and build upon itself, like compound interest, until the whole thing erupts, explodes, and, ultimately, becomes something brand new and different. However, during the next decade or two, things will get much much worse than they currently are, but that is the only way to create real authentic change. This system, and everything holding it up, has to be completely destroyed before something else can be built in its place. I believe what we are experiencing now is only the beginning of what will be a long and difficult road. Unless, of course, maybe Trump will get elected and his sheer negligence and ineptitude will scare everyone back into conforming to the system once again in 2020, afraid to rock the boat and all too happy to vote for any serious-faced old white guy in a suit who appears to be sober and coherent. Hmmm… maybe this was the plan all along!

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