Hi Jinal, I'm hoping you are not advocating for the eradication of myths in their original form. Intact, they are vital pieces of the human experience. They illustrate how we were attempting to make sense of the world and teach ourselves how to be better human beings. They were teaching tools that were fundamental in causing us to rise from barbarism, hold to new ideals, build our civilization. Within their context, they served an inexorable purpose, as did the scriptures of dozens of religions worldwide. Many of those scriptures, as Ritwik Dey points out below, had similar problematic elements from…

Story Can Take What We Imagine and Make It Real

From the movie Operation E, a dramatization of the ordeal of Clara Rojas and her son Emmanuel.

In 2002, a Colombian political campaign manager named Clara Rojas was kidnapped in the jungle while attempting to earn votes in a stronghold of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, better known as the FARC. The rebels had been waging a bloody civil war with the government for decades, and planned to exchange the women for their imprisoned brethren.

It didn’t work, and Rojas was held for six years. During that time she became pregnant by one of her captors. While the relationship was consensual, the rebels did not appreciate a screaming infant in their encampment (he was injured during…

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A Powerful Storytelling Strategy Dominates the Social Media Age

Embracing the narrative reversal is the strategy of designing your story to acknowledge and address criticism, counter-narratives, and misperceptions while validating your audience’s participation.

At Starlight Runner, we advise our clients that their stories are no longer one-sided and so those narratives must be strong enough to stand up to critics, opponents and misunderstandings.

In the age of pervasive communication, it is no longer prudent to obfuscate information, attack critics, or ignore negative consumer messaging. Stories must acknowledge, embrace and engage opposing views.

What is the Danger?

Our stories now flow through rivers of interconnected narratives. They must stand up to scrutiny from all…

Photo by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

With “The Last Jedi” Disney Grapples with Maintaining an Evergreen Brand

Note: This analysis contains spoilers for many of the Star Wars films.

When Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, entertainment industry observers seriously questioned the $4.06 billion price tag he paid for the Star Wars franchise. After mixed to lackluster response to George Lucas’ most recent trilogy over the previous decade, the property was in the process of fading.

Left untended Star Wars could have easily become a nostalgia brand, like Peanuts, Betty Boop or the original Star Trek.

But Iger believed Star Wars could both compliment Disney’s portfolio, and be reinvigorated to engage future generations…

A Memo to Studio Executives

Tom Cruise & Gal Gadot both travel to London to spark life into their respective story worlds.

Memorandum to the Executives of: Disney, Warner Bros., Fox, Universal, Sony, Paramount, and all the mini-majors

Re: Your new and established Shared Universe film franchises

From: Jeff Gomez, CEO, Starlight Runner, producers of the transmedia Mythology documents for Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, Halo, Transformers, Hot Wheels, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man, and Men in Black universes

Note: Spoilers follow, for those of you who care, including for recent films such as Wonder Woman and The Mummy.

I have to level with you. Some of you are messing this up. That’s a shame, because successful cinematic universes are the gift…

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Each of Us Can Now Be in Five Places at Once

In previous Collective Journey blog entries, we talked about how the old broadcast model of mass communication is giving way to a new kind of pervasive communication that in many ways harkens back to ancient storytelling practices. Thousands of years ago, it would have been difficult to tell at times who was the storyteller and who was the audience.

Story in many ancient cultures was messy, nonlinear, and often fully participative. Sitting around the fire, caught up in the fear and wonder of the tale, any tribe member could chime in with a piece of the story, or take off…

Collective Journey Narratives Require Genuine Engagement

What on Earth do Rod Stewart, Ayatollah Khomeini, and Chicago Cubs 2016 MVP Kris Bryant have in common?


On New Year’s Eve, 1994, Rod Stewart held a free concert on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. By the time he broke into “Hot Legs” that night, 3.5 million people had shown up. It took several seconds for the song to reach the speakers at the back of the crowd over a mile from the stage.

The Power of Propaganda & Multilateral Narratives

Stories can move us, both on the silver screen and in reality. Images by Lucas and Riefenstahl.

From the start, we’ve discussed how Collective Journey storytelling is on the rise in television, in advertising, and most critically on the global stage in the form of social issues, government and politics.

At the heart of Collective Journey is an engine, a combination of major factors that make this model many times faster and more powerful than any previous narrative approach. We believe this is why all around the world strange and spectacular events are happening so suddenly, so chaotically.

Shortly in this series, we will take apart the Collective Journey engine, and show you how it’s built. But…

In the Collective Journey the Peoples’ Voice Now Levels the Playing Field

Image Credit: Abercrombie & Fitch

In The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, we watch various communities wage battle with one another. Some of us wonder whether they can surmount their differences and rise together to challenge the flawed system that placed them into conflict in the first place.

In both cases, if they fail, they will either destroy each other, or they will be overrun by the undead.

Over the past decade, we are watching a similar kind of conflict play out in the world of advertising and brands. Big business is facing a new kind of challenge; one never encountered before: pervasive communication.

Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black & Others are Subverting the Hero’s Journey

At the end of Season One of Game of Thrones, Ned Stark, the noble and just Lord of Winterfell (and closest thing to a hero the series had to offer) was shockingly beheaded at the whim of amoral sadist putz, Joffrey Baratheon. An audience of millions suddenly realized that this was no ordinary fantasy story. No one was coming to save the day.

In the entertainment space, Game of Thrones is an example of an emerging form of storytelling we call Collective Journey.

Game of Thrones abandons the mannered stages of epic quest stories like The Lord of the Rings

Jeff Gomez

CEO, Starlight Runner. Brand and cause-related consultant, producer of franchise storyworlds and transmedia entertainment properties.

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