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A Powerful Storytelling Strategy Dominates the Social Media Age

Embracing the narrative reversal is the strategy of designing your story to acknowledge and address criticism, counter-narratives, and misperceptions while validating your audience’s participation.

At Starlight Runner, we advise our clients that their stories are no longer one-sided and so those narratives must be strong enough to stand up to…

A Memo to Studio Executives

Tom Cruise & Gal Gadot both travel to London to spark life into their respective story worlds.

Memorandum to the Executives of: Disney, Warner Bros., Fox, Universal, Sony, Paramount, and all the mini-majors

Re: Your new and established Shared Universe film franchises

From: Jeff Gomez, CEO, Starlight Runner, producers of the transmedia Mythology documents for Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, Halo, Transformers, Hot Wheels, Teenage Mutant Ninja…

The Power of Propaganda & Multilateral Narratives

Stories can move us, both on the silver screen and in reality. Images by Lucas and Riefenstahl.

From the start, we’ve discussed how Collective Journey storytelling is on the rise in television, in advertising, and most critically on the global stage in the form of social issues, government and politics.

At the heart of Collective Journey is an engine, a combination of major factors that make this…

In the Collective Journey the Peoples’ Voice Now Levels the Playing Field

Image Credit: Abercrombie & Fitch

In The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, we watch various communities wage battle with one another. Some of us wonder whether they can surmount their differences and rise together to challenge the flawed system that placed them into conflict in the first place.

In both cases, if they fail…

Jeff Gomez

CEO, Starlight Runner. Brand and cause-related consultant, producer of franchise storyworlds and transmedia entertainment properties.

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