What’s Next in Computing?
Chris Dixon

Chris, you clearly know the space via your investments and thought leadership and this is a super summary. Some of the best insights are the links you have included to positional tracking in mobile, video VR capture by Lytro, and of course the depth of AI, etc. The concept of Machine Learning as a subset of AI brings an entirely new capability to IoT devices — think of all the healthcare solutions alone. Spend a few minutes with a guy like Todd Holmdahl at Microsoft and you will be overwhelmed with the impact machine learning alone can have on our well being.

I do have a question: At Envelop, where we are focused on Enterprise VR and eventually AR, we have been talking about AR/VR as the next major platform or category of computing — Computing 4.0 (Mainframe, PC, Mobile and now AR/VR). Do you think you can categorize it broadly as such, or with the way that “computing” is so ubiquitous in so many forms that the concept of a centralized computing platform is eventually going to go away?