Give + Receive

“Always give without remembering. Always receive without forgetting.”

Wealthy in life and business.

To accomplish all of these listed above, you have to learn how to give in order to get. The successful millionaires and billionaires out there did not only help the world in some way but also gave back to world in some way. If you are not willing to give, you will never get shit. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t give just to receive something. A lot of people just want, want, want and never give then they ask why they are not successful or wealthy. Most wealthy people are wealthy because they know by supporting the community in some way or manner will help them grow in wealth and as a person.

In this article, I will share with you the importance of giving and different ways you can give back to your community. Why is it important to give back? There are countless of reasons but for the purpose of this article, I will explain my top five. The first one is to build a strong and genuine connection with your community. This is not only vital for your business but good for your personal growth. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you are really saying that you want to be a leader. A leader does not only think of himself, he thinks about the people. Being a leader and an entrepreneur, you are trying to improve the lives of people. In the business aspect, people want to do business with people who love people. Orison Swett Marden, the creator of SUCCESS magazine stated:

We must give more in order to get more. It is the generous giving of ourselves that produces the generous harvest.

Look around and observe the businesses that are flourishing- they give back. The second reason is to network. These volunteers that you meet could end up being a client or even a worker. Volunteers don’t get paid to work but they are willing to do the work for the right cause. The third is gaining a new perspective of the world. This is important because as we learn more about what is going on around us, as entrepreneurs, we are then able to innovate. The fourth reason is developing new skillsets and improving on existing skills. For example, learning how to communicate more effectively or networking in a different environment. Lastly, you will be feel even more fulfilled in life.

If you are an entrepreneur and your motivation is money then you’re not going to go far in life. Money comes and money goes. No one is going to care how much money you had in the bank when you die, but people will remember the impact you made on their lives. Famous American philanthropist and businessman, Laurance Rockefeller quoted:

“I profoundly feel that the art of living is the art of giving. You’re fulfilled in the moment of giving, of doing something beyond yourself.”

How can you give back to your community? There are a many ways but just to name a few, you could volunteer at a soup kitchen, beach clean-up, or provide help during non-profits events. With the vast use of social media, you can help spread awareness to a cause or make videos and share positive tips that will encourage others to succeed. Another way is to help fund non-profits with a great cause. Or you could donate to the charity of your choice. Bill Gates, net worth of 87.7 billion and Warren Buffett, net worth of 73.5 billion has pledge to donate 99 percent of their wealth to charities.

In the meantime, both are well-known for their generosity of donating couple times in a year. Warren Buffett had a foundation called Buffett Foundation but changed it to Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation after his first wife passed away in 2004. The foundation focuses on how to improve reproductive rights and global population. Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates co-founded a foundation called the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Their foundation focuses on four core values:

  1. Ensure more children and young people survive and thrive.
  2. Empower the poorest especially women and girls to transform their lives.
  3. Combat infectious diseases that particularly affect the poorest.
  4. Inspire people to take action to change the world.

From Warren Buffett to Bill Gates, both humble and compassionate people who are in the top three richest person in the world. It is told that they have been giving all of their life. Bill Gates stated:

My wife and I had a long dialogue about how we were going to take the wealth that we’re lucky enough to have and give it back in a way that’s most impactful to the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is not how much money you can make in the world, it is how much of an impact you can make to world. Be honest and ask yourself these questions: when was the last time you gave something without expecting anything in return? How much money have you donated to anything? Do you want to have a legacy? How do you want to be remembered? Are you where you want to be in life? And are you where you want to be financially? There is a reason why you are still where you are. One of my favorite quotes from Robert Kiyosaki,

Whatever you want in life, you’ve got to give away first.

Look, if you want to become wealthier, you have to give- especially if you are just starting out in business or if your business has not reach its full potential or even if it did. There is a saying where you give 1 and receive 10 fold. Your future is in your hands and each action has a consequence. If you want to learn more about how to give back to your community, schedule a skype call or set a one-on-one meeting if you are local.

Remember, the more you give, the more you receive.

- j.Ro

Originally published at on May 12, 2017.