How I Will trump His America

A Stay Low & Build Survival Guide for Anti-Trump Americans


I feel compelled to write this post because, in 2017, subsets of Americans feel that progress is turning into regression under this new Leadership(or lack thereof) of America’s choice(or the electoral college’s choice).

Most of the minority feel this way and a large segment of the majority population.

Well, these days, I am a little more cautious of the “facts” and opinions I put out. So let me be clear: this is simply my perception of the sentiments I am exposed to in my daily dialogue as I weave in and out of Corporate America, diverse social settings, and my interpersonal relationships.

I felt compelled to write a survival guide — a survival guide on how I plan to trump his version of America.

Yes. I will survive. Why?

Because I’m black.

It’s in my nature. And this really isn’t new.

“Racism is still alive, they just be concealin it” -Kanye West (Never Let Me Down)

We’ve survived centuries of this bull shit.

We’re used to making candied yams out of leftovers and scraps.

Don’t tell me I wasn’t a slave. I know that, but did you know the effects are passed on from generation to generation? Survival is in my DNA.

So this list isn’t actually for me. No, it’s really not for black people. Most of us already get it. This is for everyone else.

You Will Survive in America

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This forthcoming list is for the folks who are feeling discouraged with the direction our country appears to be heading.

Here’s a sample of those potential folks:

My White liberal counterparts. Some of them who live across the hall, I heard crying and screaming WTF the morning after the election.

My poor working class white friends that voted against their interests. The ones who were benefited from the Affordable Care Act (i.e. coal miners)

My republican friends who still don’t know what happened to their party and have to put on a front like shit’s sweet.

The 47% of White women who meant it when they said Love trumps Hate.

My Brown brothers and sisters (legal and illegal).

My folks in the LGBTQ community.

My Muslim friends.

All women. Special shout out to Black women. But this list isn’t new for you. You have been the backbone of Black America’s progress and survival. You show up for all women, even when all women didn’t show up for you. You show up for all Black men, even when all Black men haven’t shown up for you. Shout out to you and all of that magic and lemonade. You clearly have this thing figured out. America has a lot to learn from you.

Lastly, this is for all of the Americans who for the first time, get to understand how demoralizing alternative facts can be to their consciousness.

Welcome to the Black American experience.

Come to us. We got you. In our lingo, here’s my Stay Low And Build List for trumping this new America.

This is what I will do to survive in America, and I hope this list will help you survive too.

Pray & Meditate

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Tune out the noise. Give thanks. Seek answers. Cry a little bit. Be still. And connect with my friend Amanda Muhammad, my favorite yoga and mindfulness teacher.

Cut the news off

Liberal, fake, conservative, whatever the news. Just cut it off. 24 hour news cycles are super toxic. How much of it is actually new insights?

You’re brainwashing yourself. Take it from a Black guy who is bombarded daily with images of his brothers on the news robbing, killing, drug dealing or getting murdered.That’s not my reality. For most black males, it’s not. But leave it up to Feaux News and Trump, we are all carnage.

This is how alternative facts become facts. If you listen to the message 1000 times over, they become accepted. I won’t accept this reality. And neither should you.

I am more than my representation. Take the news in doses.

Stay active in the community

As I sat down to write this post, I had to split my mental capacity with planning a fundraising gala I am hosting to help underprivileged males in the Indianapolis community get exposed to tech opportunities. I find comfort in knowing I can utilize my resources and expertise to pay forward to future generations.

Read & Write

My head is a mess. I’ve consumed a lot of toxic media. I have a ton of ideas. I have a ton of prayers and a ton of questions. I write to clear my mind. It will continue to be a pillar in my survival kit long after our government gets it’s act together.

Also, read for leisure. Find a good book. Get lost in it.

Stay informed

Yes, I know I said stay away from the news. I meant it. But, don’t check all the way out. Read up on state laws, changes in federal funding, bills passing, and local government. Be proactive and learn for yourself. In a world full of fake news, it is easy to be misled into thinking shits sweet when it isn’t and shits sour when it’s actually sweet.

Also, with so much changing, staying informed can give you a competitive advantage.


This is about taking a break from routine. Plan trips, invest in a passport and dip out of the country. Go somewhere where you can shake the American dust off and learn from other cultures for a moment.

Get your money right

Invest in yourself and your future. I’m working on cementing consistent streams of income. This will help support my lifestyle, charitable giving and generational wealth building. Take this an opportunity to do the same.

Show your people love

Source: Brandon E. Miller

This is key. People are hurting. Many of them are confused and discouraged. I plan to step outside of my needs and focus on others. By loving on other people, I am motivated to be more than I am. Love is empowering. Love will be returned.

Speak Life

Optimism. Prosperity. Hope. I’m focusing on speaking positive thoughts into the atmosphere. I know things look scary. I know there’s a dangerous fear of the unknown, but I also know far too well the power of positive thinking. If KellyAnne Conwomanway can create alternative universes, so can I.


I’m from Indiana. I hoop almost every morning. I practice my jump shot. At 27, I shoot better now than I did when I was 16 and putting up hundreds of shots a day.

No you don’t have to hoop. This is more about spending consistent time doing enjoyable exercises and activities.

Laugh & Dance

Life is still good. When I dance I laugh. I make fun of myself. Dancing and laughing are everything. I’m sure they’re everything to you as well.

Listen to a lot of Migos

I admit it. T Shirt might be better than Bad and Boujee.

Okay, listen to other music too. In fact, I created a #WeGonBeAight playlist inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” single. Check it out on AppleMusic for inspiration: #WeGonBeAight

Summary: My life didn’t change on November 8th. My circumstances didn’t change on January 20th. What you can learn from fellow Americans, Black ones particularly, is that the fight goes on. Don’t get so consumed in the now that you lose sight of your future. We will get through this. But, it won’t happen without self care. Just live well.

More Life.

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