Jeffrey Sofich — Oregon’s Hidden Gems

Versatile and experienced entrepreneur Jeffrey Sofich is a native of Clackamas, Oregon, and has also lived in the Oregon towns of Bend and Albany. While he has traveled all over the United States, he is proud to call Oregon home. While many people know Oregon for the quirky city of Portland and the University of Oregon in Eugene, there is plenty to do in this beautiful state that many people haven’t discovered yet.

There’s plenty of beautiful nature in Oregon, and the Willamette Falls is one of the United States’ most breathtaking waterfalls. It’s just a short drive south of Portland, but the sheer size of the waterfall makes you feel like you are worlds away from the city.

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Another great place for nature junkies to visit is Thor’s Well, which is located on the Oregon coast and appears to be a hole in the middle of the water. Although it is estimated to be only twenty feet deep, visiting can be quite dangerous and is best for experienced adventurers.

For something truly unique, travelers can check out the Enchanted Forest Amusement Park, located fifteen minutes outside of Salem. This amusement park was singlehandedly created by one man, Roger Tofte, and features sections themed after fairy tales and other children’s stories. Another unique attraction worth a visit is the Oregon Film Museum in Astoria, which features artifacts from many popular movies filmed in Oregon, including The Goonies.

As an experienced traveler, Jeffrey Sofich loves exploring his home state, and finding new and under-rated things to do there.

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