Lose Fat Without Cutting Calories?

There is some notion in the nutrition world that claims it is possible to lose body fat, and look slimmer/trimmer, without cutting calories. The result would be what most dieters are trying to achieve, looking better and not necessarily losing weight. A sports nutrition consultant believes that by splitting the traditional 3 meal/day into 6 meals (no cutting total calories), a body may not lose weight, but would look a lot more fit.

To reiterate, she didn’t say anything about CUTTING calories. So, I imagine it would be something along the lines of eating half of my breakfast at 8am and the other half at 10am. I would have the same lunch I would have eaten anyway, but eating half of it at 12p and the other half at 2p. And, I would eat the same dinner, but half of it at 5p and the other half at 7p. I personally do not believe this would work, but, as it would not be all that difficult to implement, why not try right?