Turn Off Personal Electronics In Order To Turn On Your Creativity

Jeffrey N Kirk
Jul 2, 2014 · 5 min read

It’s an undeniable fact that modern technology helps to make our lives easier, more efficient and more productive, but unfortunately those advantages also come with their fair share of disadvantages. Creative individuals who find themselves in a bit of a slump or stuck on a current project might want to think about turning off their personal electronics off in order to get their river of creativity flowing once again.

Stifled Creativity

While your personal electronics like your smartphone, electronic tablet and laptop makes your personal life easier, it can make your creative life more difficult than it needs to be. The reason for this is that you have access to so many different distractions that you might be tempted to play games or watch videos instead of doing work. Even if you sit down to work on a creative project, simply knowing that you have access to the internet can cause you to put off your work to do some “research” or tell yourself that you’ll get started in ten minutes…which quickly turns into thirty minutes.

Lack of Originality

Anyone who loves movies has surely noticed the number of remakes, and the same can be said of book lovers who have noticed the swelling number of books about teenage love triangles, werewolves and vampires. While many filmmakers, writers and sometimes even artists simply want to take advantage of a lucrative trend, there comes a point where we have to ask ourselves how much we’re willing to take and how long the trends should be allowed to go on.

Is technology to blame for the lack of creativity? Maybe it is when we have such easy access to the bestselling movies and books, making it easy to know exactly what the public wants, how they want it and when they want it. While there’s nothing wrong with an individual making money from their artistic talents, there’s something not quite right about them making unimaginative and uncreative art simply for the sake of money.

No Time for Creativity

Individuals who have creative jobs such as marketers, photographers, designers and advertisers may not have as much time as they’d like to devote to being truly creative if they are working under a tight deadline. Rather than having ample time to truly think of, develop and fully expand their ideas, individuals with creative jobs might be forced to hop online and use someone else’s work for “inspiration” or see which trends they should copy. Being crammed into a box or being able to only go in one direction are both surefire ways to stifle an individual’s creativity.

Reactivating Your Creativity

Anyone who is looking to bring their creativity back to life should first distance themselves from their personal electronics. Some might feel that this is almost impossible to do, but that’s only because they are so used to their personal electronics being part of their day-to-day lives. The same adjustment period can apply if you’re used to having a car and suddenly you have to take public transportation, take a taxi or depend on your friends for rides.

Without personal electronics to distract you, you’ll start to listen more to your ideas and there’s less chance of you being negatively influenced by something that you’ve seen and work that someone else has done. There’s a fine line between inspiration and replication, but once you’re in a place of silence you’ll find that it’s easier to listen more to your inner creative voice and listen less to the many voices of the outside world.

Turning off your phone, tablet and laptop can also help you to not feel so rushed with any current projects that you’re working on. Setting an alarm to get you up and going in the morning is one thing, but if you’re constantly checking the clock on your electronic device you can start to become panicked at how much time has passed since you’ve written down or drawn anything. The creative process is one that cannot and should not be rushed.

Plan Your Creativity Out

When you are faced with a deadline, you’ll want to carefully structure out your time. Only you know what kind of timetable you work best with, and only you know how much time you should allot for brainstorming, creating, editing and polishing. Give yourself time to make mistakes and go back to the drawing board, potentially using those mistakes as a jumping off point for future good ideas. All of this can be done without using an electronic device. All you need is a notebook, pen or pencil and some time with yourself.

Putting Your Priorities in Order

Something else to think about is the fact that technology has made it easier to share information and stories, including the success of other creative individuals. Rather than focusing on our personal goals and ambitions, we might allow our creative pursuits to be tainted with the idea of gaining recognition for our creative genius. Recognizing a person for their creativity isn’t a crime, but focusing only on recognition, money and fame while creating something probably won’t help you to produce your best work. By turning off your electronics, there’s less chance of you stumbling across these success stories and possibly feeling defeated and depressed for not being as brilliant of a creative individual as those that you read about while scrolling through your phone or searching the Internet on your laptop.

The next time you’re feeling blocked, take a walk outside and breathe in the fresh air that’s free of Tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram collages and cute YouTube kitten videos. You find your creative voice by actively listening for your creative voice.


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