What Is Geofencing & How Does It Benefit Corporate Events?

Jeffrey N Kirk
Aug 5, 2014 · 3 min read

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “geofencing” and been totally confused as to how fencing is related to the earth. In fact, while it sounds farfetched, it is actually an amazing feature found in various software programs. The following will outline some of the basics of geofencing.

Geofencing Explained

As was previously mentioned, geofencing is a feature that software programs use in conjunction with GPS systems. It helps to define boundaries geographically and is a literal virtual fence or barrier. What happens is that when a program incorporates this technology, administrators create triggers that will send a message any time a certain device goes across the boundary.


There are many uses for this type of technology. It is implemented all over the globe and in various industries. Some of the most common implementations include:

  • Hospitals — Devices such as a hospital-owned iPad can have this program installed so that if someone tries to walk out of the hospital with the device, the administrator can disable it from their own device.
  • Marketing — Restaurants and retail shops can define a certain boundary that if a customer enters it, they receive a text message with a coupon or a daily special.
  • Human Resources — Management can keep tabs on employees who are not allowed to enter certain areas of a building. If that employee does enter a restricted area, an alert is sent to security, who will then handle the situation.
  • Law Enforcement — Everyone has heard of house arrest and could have wondered how it works. With geofencing! Ankle bracelets alert law enforcement officials if someone on house arrest leaves their designated area.
  • Corporate Events — Through geofencing, event coordinators are able to more easily reach out to their attendees, making for a flawless occasion.

Of course, there are many other ways that geofencing is implemented throughout the world. Asset, compliance, and fleet management are some other areas that are commonly found with geofencing software.


Most companies will want to know the costs right up front before adding geofencing to their SMS campaign. The good news is that it can be added to an existing campaign, and costs vary for each different company. Costs depend on the amount of times the brand will connect with a location, as well as where subscribers are located. Increasing or decreasing subscription amounts is easy, which can help any company on a budget.

Benefits To Corporate Events

There are some real benefits of using geofencing technology in the corporate events industry. For one thing, attendees are more engaged when they all receive simultaneous messages. They are also able to interact with each other, no matter where they are at the venue. Geofencing also allows your corporation to hold one event in multiple locations. Global sponsors can get their foot in the door more easily with this technology. Attendees are able to easily register and sign out of the event with this technology, and above all, it shows more intelligence for your event.

Whether you are planning an event or a big marketing campaign, geofencing is the way to go. While some people may not have heard the term, almost anyone with a Smartphone has used the technology. Get on the ball and get in the game by using it at your next event.

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