Incoherence is sometimes a temporary state that ebbs and flows harshly.

Other times it fills one with the gentle push of the heartbeat.

Love is never coherent when given physical restraints.

Love is never broken, the communication routes get messed up.

Our awareness becomes Disorganized.

It begins to move around our pain.

Causing Chaos and confusion when confronted with the blockage.

Each passing allows for us to strip a tiny sliver away.

It takes patience to organize this confusion as your heart aid comes to the aid of a overwhelmed mind.

Love never leaves those who know you.

It Grows and guards us from whatever pain tries remove us from our life.

Establishing its Presence is conceptual until it is given birth in our own grieving joints.

Growing in hope of someday we can utilize it in learning to realize the eternal fact that pain never ceases to exist.

It becomes deeply healed then infused, and jointed by hearts of others who can help and understand how to fill the wait.

Replacing empty moments of time with compassion, love, and gratitude’s more ample, healthy weight.

Hearts like mine know that this growth will take time, not ever be gone but will get easier, softer, more gentle in time.

Just be patient with yourself, and do not pay attention to time.

There is no schedule for this. Just your disjointed heart healing until you feel back strong, fully jointed.

Until then lean on shoulders who love you, friends who are strong.

People you let hold onto and lean on you during awful things.

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