More. Than. Once….

I have learned I am the cure for what ails me.

I am am not me, or the people I meet. I. am collection of my experiences.

I do not speak to my own thoughts at all times.

Certain things my soul only need witness.

I do not cling to the underbrush of old ideas.

The ones that stifle my growth by occupying the soil to destroy signs of love life.

I Grasp at nothing yet pull everything towards me.

I do Not fight to distinguish between the waves of who I am and I who I will become.

Ideas are conceived freshly that evolve into future wisdom.

Everything is a process.

Relinquishing control once seemed unfathomable.

Practicing patience felt intolerable.

Learning is hard enough without pressure, burdened by it, it is torture.

Growing requires healing through unburdening.

Listening and hearing your own thoughts almost as auditory hallucinations.

They become tangible.

As the taste of my own lips.

The Hazel reflecting light off my eyes.

Expectations and qualifications are fraught with competition based upon the grounds of good, better, and best.

Three things that are not needed….but certainly help.

Wisdom can be found in the obvious ticking of time.

Answers are often found at the expense of deeper questions.

Being undefeated is pointless.

“Happily Ever after” is never found at the beginning.

What is the use of proving yourself when there is nothing left to prove?

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