One More In The Name Of Love.

Do you think your love trumps my life?

Then when the tables turn your love trumps mine?

Is that love?

Is that in any way hypocritical to you?

Why is it not?

Why is it?

Is it because you are Married with two kids and house?

Is it because I live authentically?

Because I am educated beyond high school and college?

Is it because I have become a Phd. in the School of Life?

Then attained a GED in the in the School of Hard Knocks?

Is it because of your orientation?

Is it because you have never suffered physical and life altering trauma?

Is it because you believe I am somehow less of a human being than you?

Is it because I have been completely honest in my short comings?

Is it because you refuse to look at yourself as anything less than perfect?

Is it because I embrace my imperfections?

Is it because I am special and unique…just like everyone else?

Is it because I have learned that gossip taken as truth is manipulation?

Is it because my grammar sucks?

Is it because you do not know the difference between agape and agape?

Is it because I hear voices?

Is it because my final diagnosis was being a Universal Empath?

Gossip and untruths end lives.

Forced isolation does too.

Is it because you refuse the idea of stepping out of comfort and honestly pondering these questions?

Is it because you lack an understanding that sometimes radical acceptance works?

Is it because neither of us can answer these questions today and not have those answers change tomorrow?

Is it because I refused being buried in a snowstorm of bullshit?

Is it because I fought my way out with fire?

Is it because that hurt your feeling but love was an excuse to hurt mine?

Is it because you have a fear of self-respect?

Love is not an excuse to humiliate and pull dangerous triggers.

Love is never the soul motive for any action.

Love is patient.

Love is kind.

Love is not an excuse.

Love is never a weaponized.

Love agrees to disagree

It grows forever when you embrace the grey areas.

Love should always be forgiving.

Love is embracing imperfections.

I never doubted your love for a moment….but an apology goes a long way.

My hustle is weary….but nothing worthwhile ever grows in comfort.

I love you too…..for every flaw and imperfection we both have.