WiFi Gone Rouge

We have all been there, your strolling through the Mall or Sitting down at your local McDonalds and you get a notification on your phone “WiFi Networks Available”. You (wanting to save as much of your precious Data as possible) decide to connect to the closest WiFi network to you. This single notification could be the most dangerous one you could ever receive, besides the Low Battery one. Why? Whats so dangerous about wanting to save a little data? are some questions you might be asking and the answer is nothing, but Hackers have found ways to one capture any traffic being sent over these networks and two have started to create fake networks that they can control. What does this mean for you as a user, well when you connect to a WiFi network that a hacker is monitoring they can capture and view all of your Internet Traffic, but most importantly they can capture usernames, email addresses, passwords and credit cards. When you unsuspectingly connect to a WiFi Network that a Hacker controls. They can not only do everything they could while monitoring it but they can also Perform Man in the Middle Attacks and DNS Spoofing attacks. The most dangerous of these would be DNS Spoofing, this is done by taking any of your DNS requests and directing them to a DNS Server that the Hacker controls. When he does this he is now able to send you to fake websites that he has designed and trick you into giving him all of your sensitive information. When a Hacker performs a Man In The Middle Attack on you. He is able to Intercept and change your communication between you and the server you’re connecting too. while this is another way he could possibly steal your information, more importantly he can change your transactions by editing the value of your transactions or by redirecting them completely. While there are measures that have already been put in place to help protect against this attack it doesn’t make you completely immune from it and you could always stumble into one of these traps at any time. Once a Hacker has obtained any of this information he can then sell it to identity thieves or he can use it to steal your identity himself. These attacks are becoming far more frequent as well, with all of the free WiFi Networks popping up at restaurants, hotels and grocery stores it’s hard to tell which are legitimate and which are malicious, in most cases you can’t tell until it’s to late. Now don’t let this scare you away from using WiFi networks all together. We shouldn’t live in fear of these Hackers, we should just prevent them from stealing our information. You don’t let robbers keep you from owning anything, you just set your alarm and lock the doors before you leave. The only difference between a Hacker and a thief is the hacker never enters your house, so we just need to take the same measures on our Internet Traffic. While Identity Theft Protection is a good alarm this wont protect against all types of attacks plus we want to keep them from getting that far anyway, you don’t set your alarms and leave the doors unlocked do you. The best way to keep these thieves from stealing your internet traffic is to use VPN’s. A VPN or Virtual Private Network creates an encrypted tunnel between you and their servers, so if a Hacker were to capture your Internet Traffic they wouldn’t be able to tell what it is. VPN’s will protect you against each of these attacks and many more. purchasing a VPN service is the only true way to lock down your Internet traffic to protect against these thieves and at rates as low as 3 to 5 dollars a month it’s well worth the investment, as apposed to a hacker stealing your Identity and getting thousands of dollars from you. If you would like to learn more about VPN’s you can check out my article on Internet Security In The Modern Age. It gives you an in-depth description of how a VPN works and how to properly use VPN’s to protect your privacy. I will also include a list of VPN’s that I have vetted and trust at the bottom of this article. I will keep this list updated and current as new VPN’s are created to ensure only the best are on it.

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