Even for the most well-intentioned managers and leaders, it can be a struggle to navigate the cultural nuances that arise as workplaces and common spaces become increasingly more culturally diverse.

Good people make mistakes.

They sometimes publicly sputter and trip.

They may feel an overwhelming sense of uncertainty, shame, or…

Who doesn’t want to belong?

But belonging alone isn’t enough.

Belonging is all the buzz.

Especially now, people are working real hard to belong at home, work, friends, family, community.

It’s normal to seek out healthy relationships where we feel accepted and appreciated, unapologetically.

Dr. Brené Brown says that…

Here is another clip from On the Dot Diversity webinar focused on people’s experiences with racism, particularly, people of Asian descent due to the coronavirus.

“For a lot of people, whether you’re Asian American or other groups, for some of our young people, they have not had these kinds…

At a recent On the Dot Diversity webinar, some leaders in the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) space lended their perspective on the importance of DEI during the pandemic or any other crisis a business may be experiencing.

Here are my comments below:

“I think one of the thoughts…

To all the mothers and those sharing in the honor of being a mother, Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day continues to come with mixed feelings as I cherish mothers, friends and family, who pave the way so their children, step children, adopted and otherwise live and thrive incredibly and without…

Fun pics! Favorite one dressing as Mother Ginger for Ballet Austin’s “Nutcracker”

Bon Jovi, Rebel Wilson, Dr. Seuss, Method Man, Daniel Craig, Reggie Bush, Sam Houston and I share a common birthday on March 2. I don’t know about you, but I celebrate it like a new year as an opportunity to reflect, catch up on the those resolutions I’ve already failed…

Austin boardwalk in the evening. Photo by Kazique Prince

At times, I’m reminded to give myself permission to be utterly enraged; unapologetic dignified rage at this world we live in. This is not anger that I share openly most of the time. I take great strides to hide, conceal, and bound it up. …

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