Clips from “Equity Turned Up” Podcast

This is Equity Turned Up. I’m Dr. Kazique Prince, your host. I’ve spent my entire career working on solutions to make diversity and inclusion the norm. I’m also a dad and business owner, raising two teenagers. Like many people, I want a society where each of us can live and thrive. However, most people are ill-prepared to navigate the cultural and global transformation our society is sometimes feeling forced to negotiate. Too often, we stumble about or do nothing at all. I’ve learned people are hungry for real talk about an ever-changing world full of uphill challenges at home, work, and in our communities. We, oftentimes, learn from those who might help shed light on finding a better way.

This podcast series expands on that by talking with remarkable individuals who in their own way have turned up equity and inclusion. I’m talking to innovators, educators, motivators, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizers, and cultural icons from all walks of life. We’ll dig in deep about everything from hacking diversity in the tech sector and inventive thinking in schools to perspectives on transforming leadership and kicking down the door to opportunity.

Here are some clips presented at the Equity Turned Up Community Forum presented by EdTech Austin | March 23, 2016

Clip 1 — Description: Portion focused on lesson plan comparing the rise and fall of Iggy Azelia and similar dynamics for the rise and fall of Rome for history lesson.

Clip 2 — Description: Portion focused on using design thinking to make students the focus of learning, creating creative and critical thinkers

Clip 3 — Portion focused on comment that 75% of people do not have any non-white friends.

Clip 4 — Portion related to question asking about any push back he receives as a white guy teaching hip hop culture to students of color. Any concerns about cultural appropriations with his students? How is it dealt with?

Originally published at Jelani Consulting.