I’m a Diversity & Inclusion Coach. What?

+Are your clients culturally diverse?
 +Do you work with colleagues in your local office that are culturally diverse?
 +Do you work on multinational projects?
 +Is it hard to communicate and problem solve effectively?
 +Are you and your family planning to relocate abroad on an international assignment?
 +Do you have difficulty engaging your team?
 +Do you work in a global virtual team?
 +Do you have problems optimizing your team’s best talents and skills?

About Me

For over twenty years, I have been working to create inclusivity, foster equitable-minded leaders, and build cultural competence to instill fairness, integrity, collaboration, and mutual respect. I have an undying belief that people at the core have a deep capacity to make a difference in the world. With executives, managers, and other leaders, we work together to build an environment where people appreciate and realize their unique contributions and transformative power of a cultural diverse community.

Under tremendous pressure to succeed and be profitable, leaders are expected to marshal limited resources and navigate a transforming global business landscape. A leader might experience barriers to success due to having difficulty, for example, engaging their team, weighing each individual’s unique talents and skill sets; negotiating their communication and problem solving styles; maximizing how to manage financial challenges impacting their team; or optimizing the best of what their team and peers have to offer. Fundamentally, a person may be struggling to understand the cultural nuances when dealing with people from different backgrounds. Oftentimes, these difficulties are the result of leaders experiencing a disconnection between how they see themselves and how others perceive them.

As a diversity and inclusion coach, I collaborate with mission driven and dynamic-minded leaders through a personal interview, usually via telephone, identifying practical personal goals focused on developing potential, improving relationships, and enhancing performance. My responsibility is to discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve, encourage client self-discovery, generate solution-focused strategies, and expect accountability.

Since I have lived and studied across the United States and internationally, I value the rich tapestry of our shared landscape from urban hotspots to quiet, rural hamlets each with a long legacy of pride and deep appreciation for hard work and tradition. My highest priority in life is to be a loving and attentive father to my burgeoning teenagers contributing to making a better world for everyone. My goal is to prepare a world where my children and future generations might learn, serve, and build community. At minimum, I help to facilitate change so others might learn, appreciate, serve, and provide testimony for building community, nurturing relationships, and instilling growth. On occasion, my life might be the platform to inspire others to do good works in the world.

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Originally published at Jelani Consulting.

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