Pick the best podcast title

In the era of the innovation generation, we are excited about developing a podcast series working with SXSWedu. As your host, invited speakers and panelists in the education equity and social entrepreneurs movements will have a real conversation with us about the problems and solutions posed in the discussion about culture, diversity, and inclusion.

We’ll cut through the academic talk and get them to speak from experience and passion. In a world where people are oftentimes ill-prepared to respond and manage the complicated issues around equity, access, inclusion, and opportunity, we want to get people talking about them in real terms, like resume judging on “ethnic” sounding names. Or how do you not be a racist, sexist pig when that’s the way you were brought up in the frat house and business school?

Right now, we need your help! Only need one minute to choose the best title.

Originally published at Jelani Consulting.

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