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CNA Week 6

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval to be potential Supreme Court nominee

The White House has refused to give an official statement on a list of potential Supreme Court nominees. However, sources say Governor Brian Sandoval from Nevada is being vetted by the White House. Sandoval is a GOP governor with a bipartisan record that would be palatable to the Republican-controlled Senate.

Texas Governor not to face charges

On Wednesday, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals dropped charges against former presidential candidate Rick Perry. The charges were made in August 2014 after the governor allegedly abused his power by attempting to force the district attorney’s resignation. He threatened and carried through his threat by defunding a statewide public integrity unit.

Trump garners support in Congress

New York Republican Representative Chris Collins was the first congressman to endorse Trump. His fellow representative from California, Duncan Hunter also wants to support Trump. They both admire his boldness and persistence.

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