PR Homework

Liberty PR

  1. LU Send encourages an attitude of service: A dozen or more well-trained Liberty students swiftly fly into action to provide disaster relief for suffering communities
  2. Construction: The Freedom Tower begins to install a pedestrian bridge to connect to the new Student Center.
  3. Donation Drives: ALD encourages giving teddy bears and other gifts to support local children’s hospitals

What is News?

Sam’s Club: This is news because they are making an impact on the health of their community and they offer medical services which makes them seem philanthropic. They healthcare they are offering is worth $150. They also are providing immunization for children for free.

Giant Food: This is newsworthy because it’s a recall of select food items and people would be concerned about their products. Bumble Bee’s Seafood’s Chunk Light tuna is being recalled because of problems with the sterilization process. Customers get a full refund.

Netflix: This is newsworthy because it highlights prominent entertainment stars. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant star in a new series. It’s called Santa Clarita Diet and it’s a comedy that will premiere in 2017.

JCPenney: This is news worthy because people care about company leadership. Michael Amend and Mike Roberts are the new appointees. JCPenney is looking to grow the company.

Kohl’s: This is newsworthy because it updates economic aspirations of the company. Kohl’s is planning to open seven new stores. They are trying to increase sales.

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