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CNA Week 7

Oklahoma City Thunder part owner dies in car crash

Basketball team part owner, Aubrey McClendon, died on Wednesday when he drove his car straight into an embankment wall of an overpass. He had plenty of time to correct his vehicle, according to the police, but they are still investigating further to see if any medical reasons contributed to the crash. This is the second time the team has faced a tragic loss, with the wife of an assistant coach also killed in a car crash in February.

Eddie Lacey gets back in shape with P90x

Green Bay running back, Eddie Lacey, has been working with a trainer after an admonishment from his coach about his weight. It’s not clear how much weight he’s lost yet, as the most recent photo that is available was taken down shortly after it was put up, but Lacey is making impressive progress. The problems came to light after he seemed to not have the energy to finish 61-yard run to gain a touchdown.

Six-foot-7 high school basketball player takes D.C. by storm

Anton Walker, 17, has recently caught the attention of several recruiters including Duke basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski. Walker has only been playing basketball since his freshman year in high school. He improved exponentially since then and went through a growth spurt near the beginning of his sophomore year.

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