Monday October 19, 2015

( 5pm-8pm) 3 hrs

I reread books 3–5 . I outlined the most important ideas of these 3 books,

Telemachus makes a good impression on king Nestor with the assistance of Mentor(Athena) when he arrives at Pylos. He learns a lot about himself with his time in Pylos which elaborates on his maturation from books one and two. He shows more and more how his father leaving took him on a journey to grow as a man. Maybe it was a good thing that Odysseus went away because it only bettered his son as a person and a man. Another thing that has been shown consistently from not only book 3 but also coming from book one. Hospitality which we already agreed was a big idea throughout the Greek world. From feasts to offerings of chariots they treat visitors with a lot of respect and offer them the best things. Next, in book 5 Odysseus is finally released by Kalypso from the messages of the God’s.

Thoughts on Penelope

She does not really stand out as a character to me which actually makes me want to analyze her. So far she seems clever, devoted not only to her husband but also her son and bearing. Now I wonder how she will react once Odysseus returns, she held out for so long pushing suitors away and makes up tricks to keep them away. I believe she is a great wife, she did not allow anyone to come in between her and Odysseus’ relationship regardless of what anyone said.

Tuesday, October 20,2015

(2:10–3:30) 1 1/2 + (7–9pm) 2 = 3 1/2

Greek words we learned

Outis- nobody . Which Odysseus tried to tell someone his name was so he could get away freely with no worries

Homophrosane- like-mindedness

Sophrosane- self-restraint

I love learning Greek words because they are always common words that pop up and I always think of class. Also, it sometimes appears where I cannot find a word to sum up what I am trying to say.

We also spoke of Helen, which we figured out all of her actions are driven by love. She is such a compassionate person and acts off of waves from her heart not her brain. There are many people who act like this in reality. I believe I am like that, I always follow my heart. It is sometimes a blessing and a curse being so passionate. I believe if I follow my heart everything else will fall into place well that is what I hope and wish. It is my religion I follow everyday, where it is written on my wall. I see it everyday. My heart may take me many places and to many emotions but I trust it. I know in the end I followed what I thought was right and what I felt. If I am not happy then my life is not happy. Helen follows her heart as her motive for self satisfaction. As long as is she is intact with herself and happy she is going on the right direction from my opinion.

Another funny thing I noticed in book five was Nausikaa looking like Artemis which she is supposed to be the most beautiful of the God’s. To be compared to Artemis is a hell of a comparison because the way she is described is magnificent, I’m pretty sure many mortal women want to be as beautiful as her. Princess Nausikaa is so pretty and dreamy that Odysseus thinks he wakes up in a dream. She seems so innocent but all in l she is risky. She tries to use her beauty as a weapon. She tries to get Odysseus to abandon home and marry her. Nausicaa has not come to terms with the mark of beauty. Which is yes you can please every and anyone’s eyes but you can not capture any and everyone’s heart. I look at beauty as a curse because people will fall at your feet, and try to show you so much of how they care but they could just be trying to get something from you. You attract people because of how you look which is not fair. You should want someone to love you for what is inside of you and not use your looks as an advantage because the. You could end up in something where you are not truly appreciated.

Menelaus and Helen after Trojan War

They are different now. They seem to have tension between the two of them. When Helen tells the story to Telemachus how she is connected to Odysseus, Menelaus is upset because she bathed him and how she swore not to betray him. It hit home for him. Menelaus tells a story contrasting the points Helen made. They are not as connected as they were in the Iliad, Homer shows us their conflicts in their relationship. Which makes Greek literature so much more relevant and that is what I enjoy about it. I feel homer’s work is so modern and able to connect to reality. People experience many ups and downs throughout relationships but we get to see both the good bad of love.

Calypso and Athena

I believe they have similarities in their demeanors. They are both sassy and dominating women. They also can symbolize both negative and positive connotations thought Greek literature. They are different in the fact that Athena always goes to her father or depends on him while Calypso is kind of self-centered and does things for herself. Calypso’s motives are self-pleasure. When she hold Odysseus captive she treats him well in hopes that he will want to marry her, she very egocentric and wants to always have control over him. She lies and wants to make herself look good to Odysseus so he can stay when she is about to let him go. Ultimately, her motive is her. She wants to be pleased, loved and treated like something. She plays a big part in the plot of the Odyssey. She holds Odysseus captive which sparks the entire conflict of the poem. By her keeping Odysseus captive she causes an uproar and ripple effect of reactions of his disappearances. Her keeping him captive also reveals a lot about everyone else’s character. We get to see how other feel about Odysseus.

-Penelope’s devotion to her family

-Telemachus maturing into a man

-The Suitors loyalty

-The impressions he left on Monday people ( Nestor, Menelaus, Helen etc.)

-the God’s thoughts about him (He is Athena’s favorite mortal)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

(5–6pm) 1 hr

Odysseus’s desire to go home…

I do not believe Odysseus desires to go home so much. Although he begs and pleads , he spends time on many other things such as sex with Calypso. He does not try to escape or try and tricky motives. I think he wanted to go home of course but he just wasn’t in a rush. Maybe he looked at it as a vacation. He never mentions his family and how important it is to get home to them.

Thursday, October 22,2015

(2:10–3:30pm) 1 1/2 + (5–7pm) 2 = 3 1/2h

Today we took a quiz. It went pretty good. We learned some more Greek words.

Phren- emotions get the best of you

Argeiohontes- Hermes ( other name)

Metis — resourceful intelligence

We also focused on what factors go into collecting something. We decided on acquisition, focus, investment which means time and money. For example, I used to collect holiday barbies. I had to wait every Christmas but I never cared because they meant so much to me and were so beautiful. It cause a lot of focus and I never forgot about them until I was like the item years old.

Nausicaa compared to calypso and Penelope

I believe the number similarity between the two are the hold they have on Odysseus. They both hold something that he cannot ignore or reject. They are all in hopes to dedicate themselves to him and want to be married to him.

Nausicaa is described as beautiful and innocent but in reality she is dangerous because she tries to use it as an advantage. While Calypso is also dangerous because she into holding secrets, and hold shim captive. Lastly Penelope contrasts because she bring out Odysseus’ real identity, she is his love and completes him as a man.

I can argue yes and no that the Phaeacians are heroic. They get in the way of Odysseus getting home because they are a distraction but at the same time they are the reason he finally returns home. There king is king Alcinous. I believe he is a great leader simply because he is very hospitable. He shows so much respect and gratitude to Odysseus as any leader should to all strangers. He offers Odysseus so many good things such as a feast, his daughter, a bed, etc. As we always discuss, hospitality is one of the biggest things in Greek literature. If you are not hospitable, then you have nothing. It shows how much respect as a character you have. When someone visits they want to be treated the best so nobody can ever down talk them or judge where they are from. Antinous leads by a good example to his people, he is gracious and respectful. The phaecacians have no choice but to follow through with it because he is their leader and they must implement the attribute she encourages in everyday life.

Friday, October 23,2015

(4–4:15) 15 minutes

Although, I am doing a decent job I have decided to start attending office hours to gain clarity on some things that I am sometimes confused about and to make sure my grades are up to par. I am satisfied with my progress but a part of me says I can do much better, and get more A’s.