Crete to Kew to Cornwall

A lot has happened since waking up yesterday, but that is where I’ll start.

We had to leave our nice, quiet villa at 11 yesterday and we headed back to Heraklion. Our flight was at 9:30, so we had a lot of time to kill! Therefore, we checked into a room in Creta Beach hotel.

The room was only a base and we were only in it for a short time whilst we got changed then we headed down to the beach and pool. The beach and the pool had basically two different climates, the beach was windy and cooler and the pool was very hot with little amounts of wind.

This caused a big problem for dad and I as he didn’t put any suncream on at all and I definitely didn’t put enough on… so we are now both very pink 😬 Ollie let me use more of his Aloe Vera, I am now gradually going more brown than pink.

We then took it in turn to use the room to shower and change. Once we were all ready, we headed for drinks (we were slightly early for dinner). But the moment it hit 7, we were straight in the hall. As were a lot of others! It was one of the strangest things I’ve seen, it was a mad rush to get in and get a table and there was even a lot of barging to get the food. Half of us were orderly queuing and the other half just pushed through. I was so confused! But dinner was good anyway and most of the group love a good buffet ( Dad and I are not fussed and would rather be anywhere else :) )

After dinner we rushed to the car and headed to the air port. The whole airport situation was very smooth even though we had another 40 minute delay:( and the engine sounded like our fiat doblo’s engine did. But the cabin crew just said this was due to the short runway and therefore powerful take off! But we made it to Luton 3 hours and 50 minutes later at 1:30 this morning! Everyone got through security easily and got home quite quickly ( even though the bag we checked in took ages to come out again!)

We were home by 2:30 and straight to sleep!

I was then awake again at 10 to pack!! I don’t think mum would let me claim that I packed at all as she spent the next hour and a bit packing and then took us to sports direct to buy some balls for the trip and then back in the car to Richmond for a Burrito in Tortilla. We then sat there for the next half hour before heading to Sainsbury’s for supply’s for the journey and waiting at the platform at Richmond for another 20 minutes! But we quite successfully got ourselves to reading and then on the train to Penzance!

Although it took us a while to sort out the seating and bagging situation, we eventually got to the seats and started on the journey supply’s and Ollie headed to sleep!

Ollie didn’t actually sleep for that long… on the remaining three hours of the train journey, we watched the reunion of love island and listened to music.

Once we arrived at Bodmin Parkway station, Ollie’s dad and brother picked us up and drove us to the little cottage which will be home for the next 9 days. The place is very nice and has views of the sea. Our room reminds me of one of the rooms in the Murphy house! The room looks out on to the path to the sea and has nice big cupboards to unpack into. Although, it has been laughed at that I will unpack rather than live out of my suitcase, as this is a very girly thing to do… and I am on a trip with 3 other males 😂

We had bolognese for dinner then played Irish snap. Although it took Dick and George a little bit of working out, we had a good round, got the hang of it and had a good laugh. Ollie even ended up losing (although he won’t be happy that that’s been written in here and will make sure he wins next time!)

We then watched planet of the apes before heading to bed!

Happy hols

Jemima x

Ps. There will definitely be more pictures in tomorrow. After two days of travelling, they were going to have to wait!