The Train To Trivandrum

So today’s been pretty rough with a 5 o’clock wake up and a roughs night sleep after struggling with fever.

We were on the train just after 6:15 and this kid did not stop screaming for the whole 4 hour train journey – not what I needed! But I did manage to sleep for most of the journey anyway.

We then got a taxi to the hotel, where we were given beautiful necklaces and this thing similar to a bindi but orange. (It’s Indian Independence Day!)

After drinking our coconuts we got taken to our room. We then got moved rooms after realising that 4 of us were not going to fit in a king size bed.

So now in a bigger room, with more beds, I slept until 6. Whilst Mum, Dad and Harry went on a boat trip around the lagoon – apparently not as good as the one in our last hotel.

The hotel room has a beautiful view and seen as it is dark now, I will make sure to put a photo in tomorrow’s blog!

Amazing buffet dinner! – they serve almost everything! Mum and Dad again have been adventurous with their dinner. Whilst Harry has gone slightly adventurous, and I’ve stuck to a pretty plain menu – hopefully I’ll get back to my more adventurous diet tomorrow!

Sorry for such a dull blog today, I’ve really been struggling with a high temperature so didn’t manage to do very much today – hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting!

Jemima x

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