We’re thrilled to announce we’ve been selected as a “Spark” grantee by this new fund. We’ll be experimenting with mentor-led video content and web monetisation.

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Since the national UK lockdown at the end of March, our clubs and weekend activities have paused. Although schools have re-opened, it’s unclear when our clubs will re-start.

It seems increasingly likely that blended learning (a mix of on and offline) will become the norm. That’s why we’re super-excited to receive funding from Grant for the Web: it will help us explore if online delivery can work.

Design Club: Reboot

Our funded project is called Design Club: Reboot. With the money from Grant for the Web, we can do three important things:

1. Create new materials

We’ll extend and enhance the design learning content for children in our Resource Hub. Our workshop essentials are free, and always will be. But we need to explore ways to make Design Club sustainable. We recently installed Coil on our website. Coil is a new, ad-free way to browse web content. …

Running a club remotely (via video) is different from face to face for many reasons. Here the key things you need to consider if you’re planning to run an online Design Club

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Although after school and weekend Design Clubs are currently paused, we’re happy to support any existing mentors who’d like to run a club online.

Running a Design Club remotely is different from face to face for many reasons. Our awesome mentor Bianca Hollis has written three posts about running a club online (planning, delivery and next steps).

Bianca has talked in detail about the technical and creative challenges of running a club online. There is a third set of challenges around keeping children safe online. Here are 10 key things you can do.

Prior to the workshops

1. Read our safeguarding policy

If you already have a DBS certificate, you should be aware of safeguarding, and how to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected. If not, see our safeguarding policy. …

We hosted our first virtual Meetup on 9 April. Thanks to all mentors who joined. We discussed creative ideas, support and safeguarding for running design projects at home.

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Design Club’s first virtual Meetup: chatting about ways to run design thinking projects during lockdown

Like everyone, our first reaction after the UK lockdown was announced was “So…what (on Earth) do we do now?!”.

Right after the announcement, it seemed there was a rush to put content out. Some almost instant reactions were fantastic, like Little Inventors Daily Challenge, Olaf Falafel’s YouTube show and Joe Wicks’ PE with Joe.

But there was also a lot of noise. It was clear that parents were getting a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available.


We wanted to take a step back. …


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