Creating the Life you Want

It isn’t easy, you’ll need a steely resolve and a complete disregard for what other’s think you should be doing.

Having an answer for what you want to do with your life usually consists of a wave of the hand and a “I think I want to go into this.”

If you’re lucky, you’ll know it from a really young age and set yourself on completing the necessary steps to get there.

But for most of us, we ask ourselves this question many times over throughout the years.

And many times we’ll go into something, seriously go into something in the form of a degree, something we’re not really all that interested in, because it was the next step and we happened to be alright in it.

So when you do finally get a hold of what you want to do, that aligns with your morals and values, that aligns with your passions and allows you to exercise them. Cling onto it and make the decision to pursue it.

That’s the hard part, making the decision to change your life, to thrust yourself into the new and to leave the comfort of the norm behind.

For some this sudden realisation may come when your responsibilities have amassed to something much bigger than yourself, in the form of a child or mortgage and so this sudden change of tack can seem careless or irresponsible to others.

But you are never wrong to want to pursue something that ignites the fire within and it is never too late.

Throughout this process of finding your feet and finding routes to your dream, people will try to deter you. Do not under any circumstance listen to them, because if you let their doubt in, on your worst days it could be the reason you pack it in.

On making a decision to align your job with who you are, with it you must become your own cheerleader.

You have to be prepared to hear criticism from your family and not take it personally, deal with hounding spiels of “what are you doing, you’re stupid, you should be doing this.” It’ll be never-ending and you have to have the will within to take all that with a pinch of salt and a smile.

But as long as you have a vision, are solid in your beliefs and have unwavering determination, you will succeed in your pursuit.

It isn’t easy but it will be life changing, and I think everybody deserves the chance (which you can create at anytime) to live the life you want to live.

So start with making a decision, then pair it with an unyielding determination and you’ll have yourself the recipe for success.

All my light and love,

Jem x