Getting Back Up

You’re gonna have those periods of your life where your days blur into a never ending stream of destructive habit(s), where you tell yourself you’ll change your life tomorrow but end up spiralling further down to rock bottom.

It’s a given.

And you must let it happen.

Because eventually, it could take some time, you’ll get bored of your self-destructive spell and a mini you will shout from the depths;

enough is enough, it’s time to be unafraid and to start to live the life you deserve.

It’s not nice, in fact it’s pretty fucking miserable and it could even be said you’ve experienced depression.

There will come a day you’ll be so numb, you practically float through the day and you’ll realise that things have gone too far.

I realised the other day that everything in your life is down to you. I don’t know whether that’s incredibly liberating or scary as hell.

But what I mean by that is, we (you) make every decision in our lives. You decide and make choices every day; the breakfast you eat, the clothes you wear, whether you run that day or mouth off at someone. We are making those decisions by ourselves. Yes we have influences and we ask for advice but it is us acting them out and so we have incredible control over our lives.

So we can’t blame others for our circumstances or lack of excitement because it is down to us to choose it, to make a decision to seek it.

And when you’ve gone through the downright, miserable shit storm, remember that you have the power to completely change your life with a decision.

A choice you can make to be better. Set yourself mini targets to start feeling human again and believe that you have all you need inside you to create the life that you want.

Stop being afraid to live, succeed, and to have bloomin’ fun.

Create the life you want by making the decision to do so.

It really is that simple, stop being afraid by what could go tremendously right for you.

Open yourself up and give it all you’ve got, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Nothing to lose, the world to gain.

Give yourself a shot, take a chance!

Things will get better, you just need to give things a shove!

All my light and love,

Jem x