Gabby Douglas is a Hero, Whether America Wants Her or Not
Ezinne Ukoha

I think it’s cruel to see the way Gabby has been portrayed in the Olympics, they’ve well and truly ripped the poor girl apart.

What she has achieved, essentially paved the way for her team mates who I’m sure took inspiration from her during their training days and Olympic dreams.

That girl is a hero, she’s a pure example of proving people wrong, taking negativity and turning it into power on the floor, just take a look at her Netflix film and see for yourself the determination and belief she holds.

This year was clearly Simone’s but it was so heartbreaking to see such a strong character shrink behind her teammates and not portray the girl we once saw shining.

You could see the hurt in her stance, the way she hesitated in a group setting. And I don’t even blame her for not putting her hand on her heart given the atrocious situation facing her people in America and the disgusting way the media has ripped her apart not just for underperforming but something so silly as a person’s hair?!

Gabby Douglas is a gem. Is an absolute glistening example of power within. You are a hero and should be sincerely proud of yourself in every way.

And for young girls of colour who are told they’re not enough, you have always been enough, everything about you is beautiful. From your flawless skin, to the curl of each piece of hair on your body. And I am so sorry you live in a world where these beautiful differences are slandered and told they’re not normal.

Your difference is your beauty, please don’t ever let someone tell you you’re not enough or you don’t deserve to be here, you deserve it more than anyone that utters such narrow-minded garbage.

So shine on and let your inner strength blind the sightless. You are here and you matter more than I could ever say. You are the true heroes.