Veganism is a lifestyle choice, not a restrictive diet
Katie Hill

I tried veganism and it is hard! Nearly all the products in supermarkets in some way contain things you can’t eat, milk especially being one of them. Places like whole foods would greatly benefit many towns where vegans can shop without worrying over the ingredients all the time. After trying it, I found many benefits; I felt better, my skin improved and I was waking up earlier. Cons, I was starving alllllll the time, like all the time. I don’t eat much anyway so having to eat way more was hard. Also I was vile, like moody and angry all the time, but I read up on this and it was due to a lack of iron. If you want to go vegan I highly recommend being absolutely prepared to really stick to it and make sure you’re getting the calories because the amount of food you have to increase by is quite dramatic. But also, it was really fun trying new recipes. Also definitely be prepared to mess up a lot with recipes, it really is about trial and error. Also completely agree meat eating needs to stop xxxx

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