Brand Archetypes

The Framework Bank
Aug 24, 2018 · 1 min read
Source: The Hero and The Outlaw, Margaret Mark and Carol Pearson

Brand archetypes are a personal favorite for getting started when challenged with a brand that is struggling to find its voice. The archetypes are best described by their original authors in The Hero and The Outlaw (although the book’s examples are a bit dated now). Not only does the book help with the brand strategy, desire, fear etc. It also gives plenty of examples of when each archetype may be right for your brand. Maybe that’s why I have owned 3 copies over the years! (That and I keep lending them out). Hands down the best piece of strategic thinking to come out of fellow Y&R alum. Valuable for repositioning and keeping a brand focused on its path.

Strategy folk love a good framework. This is a collection of brand, innovation, advertising, UX & design models. Got one to contribute? Tweet @JenBonhomme

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