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Talking About The Election With Kids? Resources for Parents and FREE Lessons for Teachers

The election evokes strong emotions, confusing for kids and challenging for schools. This prompts every school I work with to ask “How are we going to talk about the election?!?” Distilling the conversation to candidates puts kids in the position of needing to defend positions, is risky for schools and dilutes the elasticity of the skills which we want to stretch beyond the choosing of the next president.

This series of lessons focuses on the topics presented by the political parties. Each lesson includes an “Election Connection”, a parent note to be sent home and links to relevant resources. The lessons are provided as reference points, please feel free to nuance for your setting. Each can be differentiated for older and younger grades, includes a parent note and resources.

Lessons Topics Include:

  • Understanding Equity, Equality and Justice
  • Expressing Strong Feelings So All Can Hear
  • Exploring Fairness, Sameness and Differences
  • Being Critical Consumers of Information
  • Being A Change Agent
  • Making Decisions versus Having Reactions
  • Labeling and Unlabeling

By connecting these topics to, but not solely focusing on, the election and candidates, we are better able to reinforce the skills as we head toward, and move beyond, the election.

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