Why I want to be fearFULL.

What if everything we know about fear is a lie? I have called fear a liar and a jerk — I have painted fear as the bad guy. I have made fear the face of evil. But isn’t fear our greatest indicator of where we need to go? On the other side of fear is accomplishment, adventure, new lands, new relationships, a new sense of self.

Everything we’ve ever wanted is on the OTHER side of fear — George Addair

If that’s true — and it is for me — then shouldn’t fear be our beacon, the feedback that we are EXACTLY where we are supposed to be, having the exact right converastion/moment/experience?

Fear should be an invitation to stretch our arms wide and leap into the space that fills us with the greatest trepidation.

I have a purple mohawk. Nearly every day someone says they wish they had my courage to wear bold hair. But — for me — there is nothing courageous about purple hair. It’s armor. It’s a reason for you not to like me before you get to know me and decide you don’t like who I really am. It’s one of a million ways I opt out before I get kicked out. Courage for me would be looking reserved, normal, subdued so you’re tempted to get to know me.

I’m afraid of a lot of things. I am afraid of speaking my truth. I am afraid of not being liked. I am afraid that if I take off all my armor and stand naked that people won’t like what they see. And yet… if I trust fear, if I am willing to be fearFULL, then taking off all my armor is exactly the gateway to all the things I desire.

Fear is the beacon.

The call.

The cry of our soul.

Fear knows everything we want.

Fear was never the enemy.

Fear is our wings.