All Rolled Into One

The Many Faces of Medium “Fame”

My very first Medium story published on December 15, 2014 and went viral with 583 reads and 27 recommends. Okay, to clarify, ONE read was viral in my eyes. I’d never published anything on this type of platform — and dove in face first. By connecting with some well-curated publications, I’ve found and actual audience, and more importantly, a place for the mixed bag that is my writing.

After tiring of Medium’s disgruntled readers and the never-ending whine fest about “real writing” versus the self-help/tech/marketing lists that saturate the Top Reads, I felt compelled to look through my own “portfolio” to assess where I fell. Am I one of those hated quick-fix listicle writers? What about an egocentric self-disclosing personal essayist? Or--dare I say it--a freaking poet?

As it turns out, I’m all three. And as a freelancer, licensed therapist, and mother — that makes a hell of a lot of sense. And guess what? There is room for all of me here. For those clinging to hopes that Medium will cater to only one type of writer and audience, I say STFU. Stop writing about your frustrations with the platform and get back to your craft.

That said, here are the fruits of my labors from the past year and a half. I present them as evidence that you can be a little bit of everything on Medium. Even a whiny bitch.




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Jen Anderson is currently taking a break from her therapist gig to focus on writing, coaching, motherhood, and her self-proclaimed Jendependence Movement.

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