The genius site helping every day Aussies save money: Cashrewards

It’s time for you to get paid to shop.

After all the hype it’s been receiving, if you still aren’t using Cashrewards, you are making a big mistake. It’s the tool I have been using to save $271.64 on my Christmas shopping this year.

It’s so simple. Start shopping at Cashrewards and select a store or product. You will then be directly linked to your chosen store’s normal website. Browse, shop and purchase exactly as usual on the stores website.

Cashrewards has no membership or sign-up fees, and provides users with thousands of coupons, deals and special offers to stores like Apple, Expedia, Dan Murphy’s, eBay and so many more.

As a mother who always spends quite a lot at the supermarket, stumbling upon the cashback available at Woolworths was an absolute blessing. I now save 5% every single time I shop at Woolies.

Here is a step-by-step guide of how it works:

Search for the store you want. I need new runners, so I searched for Nike.

Nike are currently offering a bonus 6.40% Cashback on all purchases, without even needing a coupon. Once you have found the deal you are looking for, select “Go to Store”.

You will then be taken to the store, and just like that, you’ve started your savings journey, and I promise, you won’t look back.

It couldn’t be easier. I’ve been getting all of my family and friends to sign up, and you can too, for free. Just use this link.

Cashrewards has yet another secret weapon under its sleeve, the Cashback Notifier. I discuss it my other article. Check it out here.

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