International Museum Mashup!

We are officially a little over ONE WEEK away from all the awesomeness that is the #MuseumMashup. Since it’s coming so very soon, we wanted to put out another ‘How To’ complete with Post-It accompaniment. I’m sorry for the amount of #s in this post, I’ve used my quota for the week.

If you’re a museum HOSTING an ONSITE #MuseumMashup: You’ve got people, or at least hope you do! Leading up to it, tweet and spread the word to your community. Day of, get the group together to talk about how you are taking the idea of a #MuseumMashup and making it your own. Remember, it’s all about taking a risk, embracing failure and experimenting with experiences. Encourage participants to tweet and share the day with the #MuseumMashup, and check out what other sites are doing. And if you want to win our hearts, play Zip Zap Zop and send us video or a photo!

How to Zip Zap Zop: Zip Zap Zop, a game that helps people out of their heads and into a mindset that failure is ok! The three commands are Zip Zap Zop. The impulse starts with one person looking at another, making eye contact and saying “Zip.” That person looks at anyone else and says, “Zap” and that person looks at anyone else and says “Zop”. After the pattern is established, the group speeds up and adds pointing to the look and command. When one person makes a mistake (says the commands in the wrong order, says something that isn’t a command, hesitates) the entire group owns the mistake by placing their hands on their hips, shouting “aaahhhooogah!”, doing a hip thrust, and moving on.

If you’re a museum HOSTING a SOCIAL MEDIA #MuseumMashup: Build it up! Let your followers know it’s happening! Pick some objects from the collection, and start with a prompt that encourages them to come up with an experience around the object. Remember, it’s all about taking a risk, embracing failure and experimenting with experiences. Give some examples if you want! Maybe they are taking a selfie with the work, and then manipulating it in an app. Or maybe they are watching a video of lions running in front of a diorama. OR MAYBE they are rocking back and forth to simulate the boat motion on choppy seas! Have them tweet the experiences with the #MuseumMashup and share out to all the folks at home!

If you’re ATTENDING an ONSITE #MuseumMashup: Share share share! Play! Have fun! Use Periscope, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram — and be sure to share it with the #MuseumMashup so we can find it!

If you’re at home and want to participate in #MuseumMashup: Throughout the day, sites are offering social media #MuseumMashup –s. Participate and share, and as always…remember the hashtag! (#MuseumMashup in case you forgot)

If you’re a MUSEUM and STILL WANT TO JOIN: Email us at jen@theengagingeducator or tweet at us @MuseumMashup and we’ll add you to our map!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, but read this far and still want to know more: See here.

Yes, and to all the adventures and experiments everyone! COUNTDOWN MODE ON!

For those of you that like our post it style breakdowns.