Hustle. Connect. Share. Repeat. — A Four-Step Formula for Achieving Your Goals
Jill Falk


Hustle. Connect. Share. Repeat. Sounds like it could be a refrain to a new, inspiring rap song. But how does that apply to our path to reaching our goals?

How does one hustle in their passion? Throw yourself in it. Live it. Breathe it. Love it. If you are in the circle of the industry, the rest of the steps will come easily. I believe that if a person really has a passion for something, it won’t be hard to surround their life around it. Yes, it’s good to take a break, and it is okay to have different passions, but you want to focus on that number one. The one that gives you energy, the one that makes you excited to get up in the morning. Hustle for that one.

We can easily connect to people nowadays through the internet. But we can only connect with people if we put ourselves out there. Not only on the internet but also outside the computer screen. Interaction with people in the network of your passion, can get you closer to your goal. Feeding off the right sources and making friends along the way can be beneficial for for both sides.

Both the professional and the apprentice learn from each other. But after that connection is made between the two sides, the next step is sharing. Sharing information, sharing ideas and sharing insight. Sharing on the apprentice part will be scary and hard, but learning to take critique will help their work in the long run. I have learned to take critique from peers as help on tweaking and making my work better because usually they want to see me be successful too. If I feared critics and never shared my work, it would sit in a folder or a journal, never see the light of day, and I would work at boring everyday job. But I won’t let fear hold me back! I will get over the fear of critics because we live in a world of critics!

And Repeat. Hustle more, connect again, share the next thing. Not getting stuck in the same rut and keeping it fresh will keep the pattern going. Finding new places to hustle, new people to connect with and new ideas to share. Getting over the fear of rejection and moving on to the next thing. A perfect example of a famous hero who took this path is Walt Disney. In the beginning, Walt Disney would fail, but he never gave up. He had a vision and he was determined to reach his dreams. Now his legacy lives strong today!

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Hustle, Connect, Share and Repeat. That is how we can get our name in our industry or passion. We need to be passionate and willing to give our everything to it, connect with our people, share our ideas and take the critics, and REPEAT. That is how we will be successful in any field of communication. Now go be a diva.

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