Invisible bullets

I had a dream last night that was, like many dreams, strange. But, also kind of cool. It was a story I could have never come up with while conscious. It involves guns, shooting, being held hostage, ghosts, video games, and Doritos. Yep. Those are the things I recall most about the dream.

And, what I can remember, as the host-mind of my dream, feels like I’m still only getting a glimpse into what happened. Like, I was let in on a secret world for a moment, but all of those people still go on.


But, also kind of cool. Here’s the dream…

My partner and I go to the grocery store, he’s picking things out, I’m picking things out. While contemplating a large bag of Doritos, I notice a video game that’s set up like an old-school pinball machine. I start to play. The game involves me running from the police, or the authorities whomever they are. The scene is like a maze and I’m figuring out which moves to make to get out onto the highway.

I make it to the highway. Then, my dream-self realizes my partner is probably waiting on me and I’ve just been lolly-gagging around, playing this grocery store video game. Some other people come over to play, so I move on.

Before I get far, the grocery store is under siege. Men in black, with garb over their heads and mouths with guns start ordering everyone to get on the floor. I have the thought that, “Duh, of course, this is what happens in hostage situations.” Like, I’ve watched too many episodes of Castle and Psych. Which, I have, but not last night.

Last night, I actually didn’t watch TV (well, except for 3 episodes of Jeopardy re-runs). But, I didn’t watch one of our shows—like Alias, which often features guns and shooting and hostage situations — go to bed, then dream about the terror on TV.

So, I drop to the floor. I’m more openly scared than I thought I’d be if I was ever in a hostage situation. Gasping, crying, and scooting towards a sofa, I try to answer a question one of the guys has asked me... because if I don’t he’ll shoot me. I judge the question, then decide to tell the truth and help him. I don’t remember the question, and it doesn’t come up again. He moves on.

Lying there, I sense two guys on the couch above me and that they might take advantage of me, so I lie in wait. As they get closer, I turn into a professionally-trained-ninja, like Jennifer Garner in Alias, and kick their butts. I’m not afraid anymore and take a gun from one of the guys.

I proceed to shoot my way out of the house.

Without bullets.

Everyone I shoot is with invisible bullets, but they know they’ve been shot and leave me alone. Because they don’t die, they’re sort of like ghosts — they are there but not alive to hurt me. Heading towards to the door with my gun, I sense each person immediately who tries to stop me and shoot them so that I can make it out. Once I’m out the door, the ghosts’ send out another guy as a last ditch effort to distract me. But, no. It doesn’t work, and I shoot him with my invisible bullet.

Safe… and a warrior now… I head towards our car in the parking lot thinking my partner must be wondering where I am.

Lead photo by Beo Beyond on Flickr, Creative Commons.