I’m sorry, but I’m not a mumpreneur.
Gaby Howard

I have called myself a “mompreneur” and “momtechpreneur” at times but to me, it expresses essentially what you have explained here: that while raising a family, I am Also running a startup and several businesses.

I don’t think it degrades or undermines me or my work or effort. In fact, I think it accomplishes the opposite. It is hard to parent and raise conscientious and well groomed future citizens. It is also difficult to be a successful startup founder.

That we are doing both is something to be admired and in awe of, not something that is patronizing or is devaluing to us.

But I do appreciate your story because I can so relate to it. (Smile) And I also appreciate your caveat at the beginning about recognizing that what is wrong for you may be right and okay for others. Kudos and good luck to you!

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