Live Unfiltered. A Social Media ‘Do’

Jay Jay Ghatt
Jul 2 · 2 min read

Very recently, someone asked me to do a better job at filtering out my social media updates and shares.

The concern?

To not confuse or invite irrelevant commentary from those who wouldn’t understand bc they don’t have the full cultural context of some of the topics or bc they have little experience with the matter being discussed, it’s probably best to just filter them out.

I resisted but agreed to consider it.

Then yesterday, I attended an event headlined by an internet and SocialMedia pioneer who I highly respect and he said something that spoke to why I was and am resistant:

In sum, he said:

Never before has humanity had the chance to be so connected.

Not that long ago to stand out you had to be famous or infamous.

The average person didn’t matter.

Today, with a little bit of work, you can impact someone’s life.

We are all leaving “Digital breadcrumbs”.

Not just for us but our future generations.

When you criticize others in social media for updating on their mundane life: what they ate for breakfast, what they are reading, remember that while it may not matter to you, that tidbit of information also gives that persons’ descendants a little glimpse into the life of their ancestor.

Everyday, we have a chance to matter to someone. Anyone.

All lives matter.

One person’s minutiae can inspire, excite and move another to action. We never know.

Also, if we can bridge cultural ignorance and misunderstanding through casually observing what concerns and angsts different communities, that is a good thing.

That counts for something.


Jay Jay Ghatt

Written by

Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt; Content Creator/Digital Publisher/Instructor; Founder, Recovering Attny, Founder, 200 Black Women in Tech on Twitter to Follow;

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