3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Advice from Well-Meaning People

If you have ever shared your new and exciting future plans with others please raise your hands! Of course you have, we all have at some point. It is a natural instinct to share those ideas and epiphanies about your new business ventures, career changes and even relationships. To your surprise, rarely do the people closest to you share the same excitement and jubilance concerning your new endeavors. This information is typically shared with the people in whom have your best interest at heart. It’s OK if this this happens; you just have to redirect your joy to people who fan your flames and not douse them.

So here are the reason why you shouldn’t advice from those who are well meaning:

  1. Just that…they are “well-meaning.” When you share a concept or idea that possibly challenges the normal way of thinking it tends to make others uncomfortable. Those whom you unload your dreams and visions upon are typically those that genuinely care about you and want to see you hurt or disappointed. They see it from their limited perspectives and anything outside of their scope of understanding will frighten them. This can be frustrating since you want them to share in the job, but don’t allow it to discourage you.
  2. They feed the fears you already had concerning your ideas and decisions. Yes they will! I have been here plenty of times. The “well-meaning people” will present to you all of the logical reasons your idea will NOT work. The laundry list of reasons they give will be the same ones you fought through in order to finally put that brave foot forward and make a firm decision. They will give LIFE to the fears you have already put to rest. It’s because they are using logic and we all know that greatest entrepreneurs and CEO’s did not use logic; they used instinct.
  3. They don’t offer much moral support (unless they understand the journey). The people that are considered “well-meaning” are those who are typically the closest to you. This one reason alone can have devastating consequences. When starting any new venture or relationship the one thing you need most is encouragement. There will be tons of reasons to be discouraged, you need people in your corner to will build you up and keep you going.

Conclusion: I am not suggesting that you never get advice from the those you care about the most. However, over my many years of coaching I have watched this multiple times. People have thrown away a dream because a “well-meaning” family member or friend has spoken contrary to their beliefs. Once you have become comfortable with your plan, then share it to the “well-meaning” community. By then, you will know how to safeguard your feelings if the negativity comes. The key is to surround yourself with people who can feed your excitement and whom will breathe LIFE into every idea and vision.