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I’ve always said that grieving is a life-time process. How I deal with it is what counts.

This week has seen me dealing with the loss of a son of a very precious friend of mine — a friend who had held my hand and was there for me during my deepest loss — the suicide of my daughter Jen when she was 16.

Their son was in my Jen’s class at prep school, so their loss and my heart going out to them is one level I sought to embrace over the past couple of days. …

Two years ago an exceptionally special theatrical production was pioneered in Nairobi. Through the generosity of providing rehearsal space by the Academy of Dance and Art and their beyond talented choreographer Arnie Umayam, our team was able to brainstorm which led me to be able to sit down structure and write Ins;ght.

With all the panic so many people are feeling right now, uncertainty, fear of losing so much and mostly the fear of dying, it feels like this is a meaningful time in which to include this piece on death and dying.

Death is a vital part of the cycle of life.

Addressing the truths about what’s not said in the dynamics of Office Politics …

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Once widely frowned upon, jumping jobs is now a more accepted practise, seen as testament to an employee’s strength for showing tenacity, flexibility, and ambition. With that understanding, it’s probably no surprise that over the past two years terminations and job-hopping have more than doubled worldwide.1

1 (Wall Street Journal — nearly 3.4 million people in the US chose to give their boss their two-week notice in April of 2018) and (A 2017 revealed survey conducted by Investors in People (IIP)) that more UK workers than ever before (59%) are looking to move jobs, despite economic uncertainty).


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