Day One

Today I thought about Twilight. I love Twilight, and I thought about whether it’s time to move beyond all its problems and start considering where it does things right instead. I thought about music and what I was in the mood for in the car — that’s where the Twilight thoughts came from because I was listening to the movie soundtrack. I like the movie soundtrack. Good story, right.

We have people coming to the house in a few weeks and so we’re trying to make it look less like we just moved in and more like we actually live here. It’s weirdly adult and I like it, but I don’t. I like hanging Harry Potter and Star Wars posters on the wall. I like choosing colorful curtains and using a Tenchi Muyo wall scroll to cover an ugly door that leads to nowhere.

I did some gardening — in fact it’s one of my on-going “look like an adult” projects. I planted some spearmint that Val gave me, next to the spearmint that I got from the farmers market. I planted the catnip in the garden area, too. It all smells very good. I don’t think I’m a great gardener, but I guess things don’t get better without practice. Which is why I’m back here writing every day. Well. At least I’ve made it through day one.

I have to put more books away in my office. I just got distracted by Storage Wars, because that’s really the story of my life. I watched the whole series that was available when I had my appendix unceremoniously ripped from my abdomen. Mmmm 2012. What an awful and confusing time. Although that could probably be said about any year of my life I guess. Or anyone’s life. Hashtag Wednesday. *enter rant about how we try and make everything remarkable even thought it’s painfully average* *another hashtag Wednesday.*

It’s adventure time. Next month is California. Last month was Texas. Connecticut is this coming weekend — which counts as an adventure b/c I’m going with Lauryn and I love going with her.

It’s shark week. I’m going to go watch some sharks. (no I’m not — I’m gonna keep watching storage wars and then pass out on the couch.)