Lest We Remember

Ele Jenkins asks:
what do Australians forget on Anzac Day?

General Sir Ian Hamilton, in a 1914 letter to the British Prime Minister.
Hamilton would later command the Anzac campaign.

The figures quoted above are mostly from the Australian War Memorial Website.*

Fred Farrall, a Digger who fought at the Somme;
interviewed by historian Alistair Thomson in the 1980s.

James Brown, Lowy Institute Military Fellow, defence analyst and former officer.


* The Turkish death toll estimate can be found here.
The Armenian death toll estimate appears in Geoffrey Robertson’s book
‘An Inconvenient genocide’ — see below.
For Australia’s official stance on the Armenian deaths, see
this link.

About the Artist

Ele Jenkins is a keen history nerd and artist who lives in Melbourne. You can visit her website to see more comics and illustrations, or to send her an email.

Further Reading

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