Trump’s “Insane” Policies and Ideas

… are not insane.

I think he will do much better than what Hillary will do in the next four years. But let’s just focus on Trump and his plans for America.

Let’s talk about Immigration:


An illegal immigrant is an illegal immigrant whether White, Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, or Silver. He also has talked numerous times about not just Mexicans but Asians, Middle Easterns, and Europeans — since his first speech: his presidential announcement.

We would not have to deport anyone if people only came in legally. Deportation would not happen if people came in legally. These people came in knowing they could get deported. These people knew of the risks. They don’t have rights here, they are illegal. We do not know who they are and why they are here. They need to go back and come legally, which is what Trump wants.

Drugs do not come across the border themselves. 
Human trafficking doesn’t magically happen and isn’t magically just connected to Mexico for no reason.
Guns don’t walk across the border.
Slave trade doesn’t just occur out of thin air.

People have a reasonable way to visit or come and live the US. It is called legal immigration. Legal immigration asks for people’s names, their activities in their current country, and why they want to come to the US. This is a perfectly reasonable expectation. People would not have to get deported if they followed this progress. It is seriously that simple. You follow this progress you get rewarded by coming in. If you don’t follow this progress you get punished by being deported. It is literally that simple. Don’t make this about a race problem when it isn’t.

Mexico borders the US by land and that is why it is being concentrated on. A lot of crimes comes in or is created by people who don’t tell us who they are, illegal immigrants, who come in from the Mexican border. Who is beyond the the border? Mexico!!! Who lives in Mexico? Mexicans!!! This is not about race. Mexicans like Americans can be Black, White, Yellow, or Blue. I seriously can’t believe have to spell this out. Everyone who illegally comes in whether Black, White, Yellow or Blue gets deported. The only other country bordering the US is Canada, a 1st world country that equally wants to secure the border. And you don’t see Canadians flooding in.

We have a serious slave labor problem going on. Illegal immigrants are working below minimum wage. Minimum wage exists to prevent slave labor. In conclusion, being paid under minimum wage is slave labor. Also, this drives down minimum wage. How can ever hope to raise the minimum wage when we continuously ignore slavery in this country? Yes, this is not the typical slave labor you hear about, but nonetheless, that is what is called.

Who cares about this wall? You’re not going to vote for someone because they want to build a wall on our border? Are you kidding me!?!?!? Look, no politician is perfect. Every politician, every person, every living being is imperfect. We talk about compromising all the time. But the moment someone suggests something “we can’t do it” or “it is offensive” or some stupid “reasoning”. Look, it is a wall. Mexico owes us. Use your brain. It isn’t impossible. It won’t span the entire length of the border. It won’t fall on top of people. It won’t kill anyone. It is there. It is there to discourage people from coming in illegally. I honestly don’t get people’s fascination with having wall or not having a wall. I don’t care either way. It doesn’t matter. If we get a good president then build the fucken wall if that’s what he wants!!! Who cares!!! Let him do it!! We are -20T in debt and the only damn guy who can get us out of this debt wants to build a fucken wall. We are in so much debt, he can negotiate trading deals, he can bring back jobs, he wants to lower taxes, he wants to support small businesses, he wants to fix the corrupt VA, he wants free healthcare but lower insurance, and he wants to build a fucken wall. You’re complaining about a wall when he supports social security. You’re complaining about a wall while we are receiving terrorist threat after terrorist threat. You are complaining about a wall while we barely have any jobs but can bring them back if we had someone to do it. In essence, WHO REALLY CARES!!!! We have more important things and if you don’t like the wall idea then fine but you can’t just say I’m not voting for Trump because he wants to build a wall. It is a wall. It’ll be a sturdy wall. It’ll last for a long time. One time time thing with low maintenance and you are complaining about it, un-fucken-believable.

One of his well-known quotes were taken out of context, the one about Mexicans and rapists and drug dealers. Since people seem to have a very difficult time understanding what Trump *actually said* I provide a cleaner version: “The Mexican government does not stop rapists, drug dealers, criminals, and some good people from illegally crossing the Southern border into the US who so happen to be Mexican. … we also need to stop illegals from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East — everywhere in the world.” That does not equate to Trump calling all Mexicans rapists or bad people. In fact, he has said (even during that speech) he loves the Mexican people. He is not saying every Mexican person is a rapist. He isn’t even saying all illegals are rapists. He is saying the Mexican government makes no effort to restrain rapists who are Mexican citizens from illegally crossing into the US.

The only way to really stop illegally trafficking is to get tough on illegal immigration. You can clean the streets all you want but if these gangs keep coming back and selling drugs then what is the point of cleaning them to begin with? The good people of Mexico and any other country’s people have an option of coming over here. We are not banning immigration. In fact, Trump wants to increase legal immigration. In fact, Trump wants to help the good illegals he deports to come back legally.

Lastly, again, this is not about race. It hasn’t even been about. And it will not be about race.

Let’s talk about Terrorism:


First off, Radical Islam is not a religion and Radical Muslims are not following a religion.

Secondly, IS is a caliphate and they declared themselves a sovereign nation.

Who is apart of IS? Radical Muslims following Radical Islam. You can say the equivalent is Americans following Democracy.

What does IS represent? Anti-freedom.

What is freedom? Being able to choose between many different beliefs without being prosecuted. Being able to speak out against other beliefs without being prosecuted. Being able to walk down the street and be able to wear any sort of clothing one’s mind wants to wear. Being able to read different sources, different books, and different kinds of information. Being able to openly disagree with your leader.

How is IS anti-freedom? They force everyone, even moderate Muslims, into believing Radical Islam and extreme Sharia Law. Your other options are imprisonment or death. Radical Muslims are taught very specific information and only one policy that’s acceptable. Women cannot walk down the street without a hijab on legally. If you disobey the leader and say anything you are prosecuted.

The constitution and banning Muslims: 
There is absolutely no amendment stating he cannot do this. Even the first amendment does not protect this. First as said, this is not about religion. It is about terror. The Constitution actually states treason and acts of war against this country is illegal and any such actions are punishable and are high crimes. This actually does void the first amendment. There is a fine line between religion and terrorism. What IS stands for is terrorism.

How are they terrorist? They teach their children to hate America and Americans. They encourage terrorist attacks. They constantly threaten the US. Do I really need to mention the California shootings? Do I really need to mention the Boston Bombings? Do I need to mention the man in NY plotting a terrorist attack in Germany, an US ally? Or how they attacked Paris, another ally of the US? Oh, maybe I should mention the second attack in Paris days after the first that was thankfully stopped? Maybe I should mention the passport printing machine they made? Or maybe I should mention how they say they’ll put Radical Muslims “refugees” as pawns in the refugee system? Or how the FBI warns that we lack Intel and how they don’t even know if their Intel is correct? Or how we received 19 terrorist attacks here in the US the same day of the California shootings? Or about how they’ve kidnapped and killed numerous Americans and our allies’ people? No, I don’t think I need to mention any of that. You should know all of this. But you willingly ignore it. You willing ignore attacks and threats like Bush did between 2000–2001. What happened? 9/11. Trump is not ignoring the risks and proposed an idea based on this, which is better than no proposed idea at all or acting like sitting ducks.

Did he really say every single Muslim? No. He said Muslims with IS and Radical ties.

How will this affect Muslims in the US? It doesn’t.

How long does he want to ban Muslims immigration? Temporarily.

Is it wrong to ban Muslims? Not any more wrong than the existence of Habeas Corpses.

Should Muslims feel offended? Absolutely not. If they have done nothing wrong and do not support IS then they should show that through supporting a common sense policy.

Will this help recruit more people to join IS? No. People who already hate the West and already believe in radicalized ideas will join IS regardless what Trump says or doesn’t. Videos of the Clintons and other leaders are being shown. Adding Trump is no big deal. By the way, Clinton gave IS the idea to show videos of Trump. As said, people who want to join IS are going to join whether they see a clip of Trump or not. There is something fundamentally wrong and sick about these people. Again, to make the assertion that a video will solely recruit people is stupid.

How is it common sense? If Enemy X continuously and consistently threatens and attacks you and your allies then obviously you would ban everyone associated with Enemy X for your own security.

Does Trump hate Muslims? No, he does not hate peaceful Muslims. He does not hate peaceful Islam.

About war: Pretending not to be in a war when your enemy declares war is absolutely foolish. IS declared war. They threaten us and our allies. They attack us and our allies. We are being foolish. This war has been going in the Middle East for 15 years. This IS war has been going on for a few years. Do you want to prolong this war? Why not call it for what it is, go out and defeat them, and end the war? Because no one likes war and is afraid to admit it is happening. Ignoring the problem or marginally putting in effort without acknowledging it does not not solve the problem. It prolongs the problem and even escalates it.

About race: Muslims can be White, Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Silver. Rave is an insignificant issue. It is about Radicalism and terrorism. That is it.

Another note: Dead people can’t be offended. They can’t ask for security. They can’t shout about their deaths. They can’t cry and complain about not living under and with freedom. Dead people are dead. Dead people are silent. Freedom is about being able to shout from the rooftops without being persecuted, without being silenced, without being sentenced to death. That is freedom. Death is not freedom. IS wants to kill everyone who doesn’t follow Radicalism. That is anti-freedom. That is death. Part of freedom is being offended and part of freedom is about being able to offend others. Banning Muslims temporarily is freedom and security. People will feel offended but they will be alive. They can complain and shout and cry. If they were dead? They’re only option is silence. Once the ban lifts, which it will, then they will still be alive and still be able to complain and shout and feel offended about other issues and topics and other people. They will be able to offend other people with their topics and issues. At the end of the day, they will receive freedom … they will be alive. Which is far more important and far more tolerant than IS.

Even an Islamic leader supports Trump’s position:

Other Topics:


He supports the following:

  • Free healthcare.
  • Low insurance costs.
  • Medicare.
  • Social security.
  • Lower taxes for the low and middle class and for corporations. Fun fact: The US has the highest corporate tax in the free world at 35%. There are only two other countries in the world that has a higher corporate tax, two third world countries.
  • The lowest classes do not pay taxes, skip taxes, or barely pay taxes already. This tax break won’t damage the tax revenue in a significant way since it is barely there in the first place.

The middle class will also have a tax break. We want this class to be the largest class. Right now taxes are straining millions of people in the middle class. Sure, some revenue will be affected but overall consumers will be able to buy more, save more, and are able to retire with more. In the long run this tax break will take pressure off millions of Americans while hardly affecting the US economy.

Due to closed loopholes the rich and corporations will pay more but also at a noticeable competitive flat rate with the rest of the world. We are in a free market and it is time to act like we are in one! Advertising experts tell their customers to advertise really, really hard. We have brilliant people! Why aren’t we using them!? If we lower corporate taxes and close loopholes it will appear to be the best deal or at least we are a viable option. Sure, this might affect the tax revenue a bit but if we bring more jobs then more Americans can work. We have the highest unemployment rate in 40 years! All of our jobs left to Asia. The only way to bring jobs back AND keep them is by fixing the REAL problem. We can give money to the banks, we can create temporary jobs, we can bail people’s loans. None of those things will work. They do not address the problem and the problem is our tax rates and our horrible trade deals. Honestly, if Trump is president not only can he and wants to address these problems in a practical way he can also restructure the business side to education and the military. We are efficient with our money. We pay 10,000 dollars for a 2 dollar bolt. That’s wasteful. We waste money. So not only are looking at potential tax breaks but more efficiency in our infrastructure that’ll save our tax dollars!

  • Reforming China trade. You can learn a lot about this on his website.
  • Reforming the VA, Veteran Administration. Again, there’s a lot about this on his website. Basically, he wants to include women in the VA and have OBGYN doctors in every VA hospital. He wants to fire the corrupt VA board and restructure the organization to provide more efficient and cheaper care. Talking about cheaper care, under his changes every veteran would be able to use private care, and not just the VA’s care.
  • Eminent Domain. In simple terms, the government is able to buy back land from property owners to build roads, reservoirs, and important buildings.
  • The legalization of medical marijuana. He supports a state’s rights to legalize recreational use.
  • Guns … and background checks and mental healthcare. Trump is a big gun supporter. Despite his overwhelming support for guns, he acknowledges the evil side where people use guns for evil. He supports background checks to make sure stable people receive guns. Let’s be real here, anyone who shoots a room full of people is mentally ill. Period. Anyone who shoots someone in cold blood is mentally unstable. Period. Plenty of mentally ill people aren’t even tempted to shoot people in cold blood, which Trump acknowledges. We are actively failing to recognize this special type of mental illness where people act on not only their horrible temptation but are actively excusing their need to take another person’s life, that their temptation is stronger than the results of their actions. Trump wants to open more facilities and healthcare services to treat these specially mentally ill people as well as any other mentally ill person. This is a win-win scenerio. Of course, some people will slip through the cracks. Less people will slip through the cracks. If we provide better education on this topic — Trump fully supports more education on this topic — then we can decrease the number of people who slip through the cracks more. This is a very bipartisan policy and it should be noted and praised as such.
  • Peace with Russia. The relationship between the US and Russia hasn’t been too good. Putin has publicly said he likes Trump. And Trump has publicly said he wants to get along with Putin. Other Republican candidates (Carly, John, Christie) want to shoot down Russian planes in the Middle East and refuse to even talk to Putin! I think it’s in our best interest to get along with Putin and try to understand the Russian culture and dynamic. Hillary has a similar view towards Putin and Russia as the other Republican candidates.
  • He is pro-vaccination. There is a misconception that Trump is anti-vaccinations. So here, I will clarify his stance on the subject. Yes, he believes vaccines cause autism and potentially other problems but he absolutely still supports vaccinations. All of his children are vaccinated. He does not want to ban vaccinations. He wants doctors to give vaccinations over a longer period of time — between 2 to 3 years rather than a lot of shots at once.
  • Anti-abortion. I strongly support abortion and while it is an important topic I don’t think it is the sole determination whether I support a candidate or not, especially if the stance against abortion isn’t exactly strong. That being said, I don’t think Trump’s stance is exactly strong against abortion and I don’t think he would necessary harm abortion rights especially not like how Carly would. Also, Trump’s presidency would only last four years. He is a dime a dozen too. We should take what he can offer and work on abortion after his presidency, which will only last for four years. I think Congress is far more of a threat on abortion than Trump is anyway.
  • Women. His wife is an immigrant and a stay-at-home wife. His daughter is a very successful and intelligent woman. He supports both of them and a woman’s right to choose her lifestyle. He calls everyone names, while this might be rude it is fair. He does not treat women any differently from women. In fact, he has a great track record of women in top positions in his company since he began it! He has many friends who are women. As said before, he wants to include women in the VA. His daughter would be a great role model too! Remarkably, none of his children say anything bad about him. People are completely disillusioned. He uses a media persona to garner attention. Don’t let the persons fool. He obviously isn’t that bad of a guy in person.

Another thing to address is climate change. Whether or not he actually believes it is debatable. He tweeted saying he doesn’t believe it but he also hints and addresses it very briefly at times in his speeches. He said one of the debates the China is a polluted country. He has said in his speeches how China dumps their waste everywhere and how it horrible their environment is. As said with abortion, not every candidate will be perfect. I also doubt he will ruin the environment or significantly cut off funding for environmental projects. Part of the reason is that his focus is not on this issue (or abortion). He is the type of man to focus on his strengths, not his weaknesses. Especially if he wants to run for reelection. Let’s just focus on this election though. The environment impact is slowly progressing and probably won’t stop during Trump’s four years. We have a potential president who can take us out of debt and restructure and refine the American economy. We are -20T in debt. If we have any hope of saving the environment then first we have to improve our economy so we can make leaps and bounds instead of a continuous progress that’ll grind to a halt once we are at the point of no return. So if we really care about environment we will take care of our economy for the next four years and then focus our efforts in climate change.



Not everything about a candidate will be good. We have to outweigh the good and the bad and what we can tolerant. Trump can acheive lot of good. A candidate like him doesn’t show up every election year. He will only serve for four years, not a lifetime.

The more the media lies and twists the truth the more I support him. The media has written Trump out to be a crazy racist, which is completely wrong, and anyone following this “idea” is beyond gullible. For example, thousands of people have gone on social media and reported Muslims cheering after the Twin Towers fell. There were articles written in 2001 about this which the press has consistently ignored. This is not about these people being Muslim per se, rather it is the image they are portraying as anti-freedom terrorists. Not every Muslim is bad or radical, and in fact, their first pillar is peace! but the Muslims who are bad are portraying every Muslim in a bad light and have every intention of threatening and attacking the West and freedom. The media has consistently ignored the facts, ignored the threats, and ignored numerous reports. They turn everything Trump says upside and completely take him out of context.

I support free health, social security, VA reform, lower taxes, lower insurance, China trade reform, legal immigration, defeating IS & rebuilding the Middle East, safe zones in the Middle East, more legal immigrants, vaccinations, peace with Russia, eminent domain, medicare, and anti-political correct statements. He supports every single one of these, which is why I support him.

I also support him because of his business, financial, and economic experiences. But I don’t want to make longer so I will stop here. His money and Art of the Deal speaks for him.

So, in conclusion, yes, I think Trump would become a great president and at least help structure important policies, trade deals, and infrastructure. Remember, a president only serves four years. There’s so much one can do with four years, especially when you consider the big bad Congress is almost always in the way and writes the laws. He won’t discard important things we absolutely need to keep and/or accomplish: free healthcare, social security, medicare, VA reform, and stopping IS terrorist attacks. He will have a very positive impact on America, the American economy, American infrastructure, and American security.

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